How do pre-installed browsers threaten your privacy?

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Some companies achieve financial gains by knowing the type of applications installed on smartphones and the period of use of these applications, as well as the presence of a lot of curious applications on smartphones, which collect a large amount of information about the user and his behavior on the Internet, so the user must verify the applications Which he installs and uses on his mobile devices.

Web browsing data is one of the important information that should be protected well, so the user should avoid browsing programs installed by companies that produce smartphones or tablets. It is better to rely on a reliable browsing program, similar to what happened with the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. For smartphones.

Researcher Gabriel Serlej, a specialist in IT security, discovered that the web browsers previously installed on Xiaomi phones, such as Mint and Mi Browser, link all the websites that are called And search queries by identification number (ID), and transfer this data to Xiaomi, even when operating private windows or incognito mode, without logging in with the user’s account with Xiaomi.

It is better to rely on reliable browsers instead of previously installed browsers

The Chinese company has defended itself, saying that this data is anonymous, but it has launched a new update to browsers that allows the user in the settings to stop the data transfer function in the stealth mode, at least.

Traffic monitoring

If the user wants to monitor the traffic of certain applications or the entire device on Android phones, he can use tracking applications such as “Blokada”, or firewall applications such as “Netguard”, and these applications need some training and then Provides the ability to disconnect the smartphone from specific servers.

To get such applications with the full set of functions, the user should install them from the trusted F-Droid application store, which is limited to free and open-source Android applications. The store itself is available as an application that must be installed first.

Apple iPhone owners can try the application to prevent the tracking “Lockdown”. Basically, the user must verify the permissions granted to the applications, including the available applications from the companies producing the smartphones.