Famous Korean film director Kim Ki Duk dies from COVID-19

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Laureate of the Cannes, Venice, and Berlin film festivals, director Kim Ki Duk has died of coronavirus infection in Latvia.

The 59-year-old director arrived in Latvia on November 20 from St. Petersburg via Estonia. Since December 5, he has not been in touch, said Vitaly Mansky, director of ArtDocFest / Riga. On Friday, it was reported that the director died of complications from COVID-19. He died at 1:20 on December 11, reports TASS.

Kim Ki Duk traveled and asked to stay in Latvia

According to unofficial information, the world-famous director planned to purchase a Jurmala house and obtain a residence permit, but the director did not appear at the scheduled meeting. After that, his colleagues raised the alarm and started searching for hospitals. The search was difficult due to the privacy policy.

The death of Kim Ki Duk, according to Mansky, was confirmed by his translator Daria Krutova. The South Korean Embassy in Latvia, when asked by Delfi, said that it was not ready to comment on this information at the moment.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry later confirmed the death of the director.

“An official statement will be made by the director’s daughter, who is now in South Korea. But I can report that at 01:20 am, he died from the complication of COVID-19 in Latvia in the hospital where he was,” said Mansky.

Kim Ki Duk is an internationally renowned director and screenwriter. He was born on December 20, 1960, in South Korea. In the early 90s, Kim Ki-Duk studied fine arts in Paris, and in 1993 he received an award from the Scriptwriters Institute for the best screenplay for the film The Artist and the Criminal Sentenced to Death.

Kim Ki Duk has won multiple awards

Kim Ki-Duk became a laureate of the Venice Film Festival for the films “Pieta” and “Empty House”, the Cannes Film Festival for the film “Arirang”, the Berlin Film Festival for the film “Samaritan”. Also known as the author of the films “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring Again”, “Stretched Bowstring”, “Time”, “Sigh”.

In recent years, Kim Ki Duk’s activities have been closely associated with Russia and Kazakhstan. Last year he was the chairman of the jury of the Moscow International Film Festival, and this year he presented his new film “Dissolve”, filmed in Russian in Kazakhstan, with local actors, and with local money. The producer was Dinara Zhumagalieva, the leading actress. The director himself was behind the camera; he also acted as the scriptwriter and editor.