The strongest girl in the world… She lifted 80 kg at 7 years old (video)

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Within two years, the Canadian child Rory Van Olft (7) won the title of “the strongest girl in the world”, just two years after he started her weightlifting sport.

Rory won the first championship in her sports record in the United States, in the 80-kilogram category, in the National Youth Under-11 Championship.

Rory spends nine hours a week exercising, and her father stresses that she enjoys weightlifting and that her safety is of concern to coaches.

“I’m very focused on getting the job done, so I take everything out of my mind but the weights that I have to lift. I like to be stronger, and this makes me exercise a lot and try constantly,” says Rory.

Rory’s father added that his daughter participated in the American championship due to the absence of a national youth championship in Canada, indicating that she feels proud of breaking a new record.