Michel Zekler: What happened to me “French Scandal”

Michel Zeklair at the moment of his assault by the French police

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Michel Zekler, the black music producer who was assaulted by three French police officers last month, said that what happened to him was a “French scandal”.

In the context of his meeting with the French newspaper Le Monde, he added that the three policemen spotted him in the street near his workplace and rushed behind him to the studio without permission. And after someone threw a tear gas grenade into the studio, they started to hit him with a barrage of blows, and he said, “During the attack on me, I heard racist insults,” which the assailants denied. And ended up pinning him on the ground, handcuffed, after receiving an extra portion of beating.

Zekler asserted that when he arrived at the police station, the attacking officers began writing reports that distorted the facts, only to realize that he was “accused of rebellion and contempt,” but the policemen did not realize that CCTV and neighbors recorded the entire scene. He turned those scenes into a “French scandal.”

A report by the French newspaper Le Monde stated that the file appears clear and does not need new explanations, as the police claim to have spotted a strong drug smell emanating from Michel Zekler. They claimed that they followed him to his room, believing that it was an apartment building despite the fact that the facade looked like a store. They only found half a gram of cannabis.

Michel Zekler
Zeklair told the press after he was assaulted by the French police

“When they found the drug, they looked at each other and said it was all for this,” Zekler added.

Police officers were charged with intentional violence and forgery in writing official statements, including “racist remarks”, and 2 of them were returned to custody. The police officer who threw the bomb was accused of violence and was placed under judicial supervision.

The text of the report added that in doing this, the three police officers felt confident to go far in their actions, “however, filming the scenes and presenting them to the French made the French music producer the new face of the battle waged by the French against brutal law enforcement.”

The report concluded that after three weeks of his assault, “the music producer recounted what happened,” saying, “I suffer psychologically, and I have scheduled an appointment with a psychiatrist to help me get out of this crisis.”

The French music producer added, “Since the night of the accident, I have been suffering from insomnia, nightmares, and the inability to work and move forward in my life as a musician. I put a cast to support my arm, which testifies to the effects of the violence that I was subjected to by those who are supposed to protect French citizens.”

Source : Le Monde