2020 events in brief … Coronavirus with the crown

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The 2020 events, from the dream of a “phytosanitary year” to the closure due to the Corona pandemic, through several crises, to a breakthrough in the emergence of the vaccine.

Before the beginning of the year, the United Nations declared 2020 the Year of Phytosanitary, but it seems that nature had a different opinion. The year began with forest fires in Australia, or what was called “black summer”, as the fires exceeded the reasonable limit, including nearly 46 million An acre and killed about 34 people, and more than 500 million animals, including endangered animals, and the accompanying negative impact on the ozone hole and thus climate change.

The matter did not stop there, as China announced the discovery of a new infectious disease that affects the respiratory system and causes death in some cases, this disease is from the coronavirus family, but it is not one of its types already discovered; it is a new disease, and before the world paid attention and took measures to stop the disease it was The World Health Organization declared it a pandemic in March, after it had rapidly spread around the world.

Before 2020, people were waiting for this special number year and the beginning of a new decade and talking about their dreams and ambitions. Still, disasters began to follow month after month, and it became a matter of rare people on social media.

wildfire australia
Photo of a wildfire in Australia.

“The evil of calamity does not laugh” … This proverb has become everyone’s approach to dealing with this year. At the beginning of every month, people begin to question with irony what catastrophe will befall us this month, and many of them have not been disappointed in that, as the disasters were not enough for the months of the year. Every month had to carry more than one disaster.

The new Coronavirus was accompanying us in all the disasters and events of this year. Still, it caused severe social and economic disturbances that led to a major economic recession and weak global tourism that led to many companies’ bankruptcy in the field. The United Nations declared that no Of the sustainable development goals this year.

It seems that the “crowned” virus will continue to accompany us for several years to come, despite the announcement of the production of the first vaccine for Covid-19 and Britain’s start to use it. However, the third phase trials are continuing, and the results will continue to be monitored until January 2023. All countries will not be able to Buy it in quantities suitable for their population, especially in developing countries.

In what follows, we will deal with the most important events in the year 2020, according to the size of the damage they have left, whether social, economic, and psychological…

On January 30 specifically, the World Health Organization declared a state of emergency for the Coronavirus’s global outbreak. This state of emergency is the sixth that the World Health Organization has declared since 2009, the curse began.

2020 events: February … violence in India

In February, specifically in its last third, violence erupted in Delhi after Muslim citizens protested against the Citizenship Law’s amendment. The matter turned into something like a slaughterhouse against Muslims, as Hindus attacked Muslims in the streets violently and systematically and destroyed their property. The Indian police were on the side of the Hindus. It may even have helped them kill. This brutality led many Muslims to flee from their ancestral villages for fear of being killed.

the violence in Delhi, India
Photo of the violence in Delhi, India

At the end of the month, it seems that peace will finally come to Afghanistan. The Taliban signed a “historic” conditional peace agreement with the United States in Doha, Qatar, according to which America will withdraw from Afghanistan within 14 months if the Taliban abides by the agreement’s terms.

2020 events: March … officially, a virus has become a pandemic.

This peace did not last long in the world, as the virus spread terribly. On March 11, the World Health Organization announced that the Coronavirus was a pandemic; a day later, the global stock market collapsed. The economic freeze began, which was followed by the collapse of oil prices to unprecedented levels.

The month ended with most of the world’s countries’ direction to complete or partial closure, impose curfews and halt air traffic, and there is no talk in the whole world except about the Coronavirus.

2020 events: April … Ramadan is extraordinary to Muslims

In April, schools closed in most countries, and Internet communication became a means of continuing studies. With the advent of the month of Ramadan, most Islamic countries announced a ban on Tarawih prayers in mosques in an attempt to control the Coronavirus. But all these attempts did not prevent the spread of the mysterious virus, as the number of deaths exceeded 200,000, and the number of confirmed infections reached 3 million.

It seems that luck will smile again. On the first of May, a team of British and Chinese scientists announced the discovery of a parasitic microbe called “Microsporidia MP” that prevents mosquitoes from transmitting malaria, thus paving the way to control it, while astronomers announced the discovery of the first black hole located in a star system. See it with the naked eye.

But in the middle of the month, the United Nations warned of a mental health crisis as a result of isolation, fear, anxiety, and economic collapse due to the pandemic; at the beginning of the last third, after China spread the virus around the world, it announced for the first time that there were no new cases, which was an example of scarcity among many.

2020 events: May … black lives matter

You might think that this month is the first of this year without incident. Still, it did not end well, at the end of the protests erupted across the United States denouncing the killing of black citizen George Floyd after being strangled by the US police, which sparked a wave of protests against racism.

2020 events: June … oil spill

In June, the number of global infections with the Coronavirus increased rapidly, from 7 million confirmed cases at the beginning of the month we exceeded 10 million confirmed cases by the end of the month, while Russia declared a state of emergency at the beginning of the month after 20 thousand tons of oil spilled into the Ambarnaya River in Siberia, this incident is considered The second-largest incident in modern Russian history.

2020 events: July … arrival to Mars

At the end of July, NASA announced that its ship had successfully reached Mars, on a mission to search for ancient signs of life, collect samples, and then return to Earth.

Mid-July … floods worsen the situation in India.

The number of Corona injuries continues to increase. Before mid-July, it had reached 12 million confirmed cases, and Corona deaths had reached more than 600,000 deaths. At the same time, the Brahmaputra River floods displaced 4 million people in Nepal and India. Still, space continues its victories; at the end of the month, NASA announced that its ship had successfully reached Mars on a mission to search for ancient signs of life, collect samples, and then return to Earth.

2020 events: August … Beirut tragedy and normalization with Israel

The month of August began a bloody beginning. On the fourth of it, a terrible explosion occurred in the port of the Lebanese capital Beirut, killing more than 220 people and injuring thousands, with physical damage to Beirut port and surrounding homes, which led to the displacement of 300 thousand people.

A picture of the Beirut port explosion.
A picture of the Beirut port explosion

In the middle of the month, the United Arab Emirates announced the normalization of relations with the Israeli occupation state in a peace agreement that angered the Arab masses. The number of Coronavirus infections continues to increase, as, by the end of the month, it reached 25 million confirmed cases.

2020 events: September … million Coronavirus

Bahrain followed in the footsteps of the Emirates; on the fourth of September, it announced the normalization of relations with the Israeli occupation state, while at the end of the month, the Emir of Kuwait, who was respected by the majority of the leaders of the great countries, as he always contributed to bringing peace to the Middle East, passed away. As for the official Corona deaths, they exceeded one million.

It seems that NASA is the only winner this year, as it announced in October that the Osiris Rex spacecraft had landed on the asteroid Bennu to obtain samples from it. It is scheduled to return to Earth in 2023 and confirmed the presence of molecular water on the moon’s sunlit side near the Clavius ​​crater.

The spacecraft landing on asteroid Bennu
The spacecraft landing on asteroid Bennu

2020 events: October … the month of earthquakes

At the same time, the Arabs continue to subdue after Sudan announced the start of negotiations for normalization with Israel with American blessing. The month ended tragically as an earthquake of magnitude 7 hit the Aegean Sea, causing great damage in Greece and Turkey, as the Turkish city of Izmir was severely damaged. Dozens of buildings collapsed completely with the arrival of several Deaths for at least 81 people.

2020 events: November … hope perspective

The month of September witnessed unprecedented events in the American elections, where the presidential candidates for the Republican Party Trump and Democrat Biden were elected using modern methods of communication and by mail, and the process also witnessed the highest percentage of votes in American history, where Trump received more than 74 million votes. Elective, the winning candidate Biden received more than 81 million votes.

US Elections results
Statistics for the US presidential election 2020 (wikipedia)

It seems that November will be the month of victories, as it began with Trump’s loss in the American presidential context and Biden’s victory. The Pfizer-BioNTechr alliance announced the success of the vaccine trials at a high rate of 95% without negative effects, as the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine proved in cooperation with “AstraZeneca” With the University of Oxford, it is reported to be 70% effective. In contrast, Moderna has announced that its vaccine is 94% effective.

Not only that, but the month of November also witnessed massive demonstrations in several French cities denouncing the “comprehensive security” law or what was later called the “promotion of republican values”, in addition to protesting against police violence. These protests led to the destruction of private property in various French cities and resulted in dozens of protesters’ arrests.

comprehensive security
Cars are set on fire during the protests in Paris (Reuters)

2020 events: December … a cautious breakthrough

With the end of the year nearing, and in December, and despite Corona continuing to claim more injuries and lives, as the number of Corona injuries reached 65 million confirmed cases, while the number of deaths exceeded one and a half million, according to the current WHO reports, at a time when Britain was the first country to announce About its approval to use the “BNT162b2” vaccine for “Pfizer-BioNtech”, and has already started using it, which encouraged the United States of America as well to approve its use, in addition to starting the vaccination process in various countries of the world by using various vaccines, which will open hopes New at the beginning of the new year, especially if vaccines against the ghost virus have already been proven.

Margaret Kennan first woman vaccined agiasnt covid-19
Margaret Kennan, the first woman in the world to receive the Coronavaccine in Britain

In short, the Coronavirus has the right to be the “owner of the crown” in 2020, because if it was not the cause of many disasters – not related to diseases -, but it increased in severity due to the measures that were taken with its emergence.

We all hope that the coming year will bring us good news, better accomplishments, fewer disasters, and that it will be a year full of aspirations, hopes, and the good for all humanity.