To improve gaming performance…Samsung launches GameDriver app

Samsung released the GameDriver app that aims to make games an essential part of its hardware, while video games have become highly sought after in smartphones.

Basically, the GameDriver application will allow Samsung to provide more frequent GPU updates for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note20 phones.

“Optimizing the GPU driver and simplifying driver updates is a key area to make the most of hardware capabilities, and maintain optimal GPU performance,” Samsung said.

The company said: It has collaborated with Google and major GPU vendors, including ARM and Qualcomm, to develop the new GameDriver app. The company added that it works with more than 50 partners, including ChuckleFish, Crytek, and Unity.

The new drivers will support games at launch, such as Call of Duty: Mobile, Black Desert, and Fortnite, and the latest game can be found in the Samsung App Store. More games are expected to be supported in the coming months.

Since announcing the Galaxy GameDev in 2016, Samsung has said that its Galaxy series smartphones now constitute the world’s largest gaming platform. And with the new GameDriver app, the company clearly wants to make games a top priority.

Samsung is not the only company that provides GPU driver updates independently of the larger software releases.

This year, Xiaomi and Oppo released apps that allow companies to roll out GPU driver updates easily.

The company’s GameDriver app is currently only available for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series, and there is a plan to support more devices soon.

And with the increasing popularity of mobile games, more companies will likely follow Samsung’s lead.

Users of the supported Samsung phones can download the GameDriver app from the Google Play Store.