Watch … a man gets on the wing of a plane before take-off

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A video clip obtained by NBC News showed a man walking on the wing of a plane and taking off his shoes before security men approached him and slipped to the ground.

The US authorities said they had arrested a man who stormed McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and climbed strangely on a passenger plane’s wing before falling to the ground on Saturday.

In Las Vegas, NBC said that the man jumped over the airport fence before heading to the wing of the Alaska Airlines passenger plane.

A video clip obtained by NBC News showed the man walking on the wing and taking off his shoes. When the officers approached the wing, he slipped and fell to the ground. He has been detained and taken to a medical facility, McCarran Airport spokesman Joe Ragschel said.

Alaska Airlines said in a statement that the plane was preparing to take off for Portland, Oregon, around 2 pm, when the pilot discovered the man was approaching the plane. At that point, he informed the operators of the control tower.

The airline said that law enforcement authorities had been dispatched and managed to arrest the intruder. “Our guests and staff are fine, and we are working with law enforcement authorities. The plane has returned to the gate to restore the inspection procedures,” she added.