Is piracy behind the stoppage of Google services ?

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Users wonder who was behind the stoppage of Google services today, at a time when the United States of America announced that many companies’ data were exposed to piracy, thus directing its accusations to Moscow.

The reason for the large-scale failure that occurred in the work of the video hosting YouTube and almost all popular Google services on December 14 was a problem with the user authentication system. A representative from Google told RBC.

” Due to problems with the quota of internal storage, the authentication system failed – services that require users to log in to the system gave a high error rate,” he said a responsible by Google.

A company representative also apologized to all users affected by the crash and stressed that Google is working to ensure that a similar problem does not arise in the future.

Recall that users worldwide began to massively complain about the inaccessibility of YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, and other services at about 12:00 UTC. After about half an hour, the services began to resume work gradually. Simultaneously, it was noted that YouTube partially worked if users opened it without logging into a Google account.

As a reminder, the previous major disruption to YouTube occurred in mid-November. Then the problems were fixed in two hours.