22 years imprisonment for the singer Fadl Shaker

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The past weeks witnessed an artistic activity by the Lebanese singer Fadl Shaker, who released a song in the Egyptian dialect two days ago, shortly after he released a Gulf song. Still, before Shaker celebrated his songs’ success, he faced a court ruling of 22 Years old with hard labor.

The ruling issued by the Military Court in Lebanon includes two penalties, the first being 15 years for “participating in criminal terrorist acts and providing logistical services in terrorist acts committed by terrorists”, and the second ruling for 7 years with hard labor while stripping him of his civil rights, and a fine of 5 Millions of Lebanese pounds ($ 3,305), on charges of financing the Sheikh Ahmed Al-Assir armed group, spending on its members and securing the price of weapons and ammunition for the war.

Previous provisions

This ruling is not the first. Fadl Shaker was previously sentenced in 2016 to 5 years imprisonment and fined 500 thousand pounds for attacking a sister country. The ruling was issued based on a television interview he conducted, and the court found that his statements with it lead to “disturbing Lebanon’s ties with an Arab country and stirring up strife. And harm the reputation of the military establishment. ”

The second ruling was issued against Shaker in September 2017, in the case of “Abra Events”, where the court sentenced him to 15 years imprisonment with hard labor.

Retirement and the beginning of the crisis

Fadl Shaker set off towards fame and singing at the beginning of the third millennium. In 2011 his life began to go in a different direction, especially in March when he appeared in a crowd organized by the preacher Ahmed Al-Assir in downtown Beirut, but that did not change at that time his practice of singing or residing in His home or following his restaurant in Sidon, he even performed a concert in Morocco in 2012 with the participation of Mariah Carey.

But the change began in 2013, when he announced he’s joining the Al-Assir association and finally retired from singing, and appeared in videos calling for jihad in Syria to confront the Hezbollah militia supporting Assad there. He participated in clashes against them in Lebanon, which is the beginning of his judicial crises, where he faced accusations of participating in clashes of supporters. Captive and the Lebanese army that resulted in the deaths of 18 soldiers and 11 militants.

In 2018, the artist Fadl Shaker returned to the arena through the “Al-Adl Group” production company, which launched his song “Our Satna from Representation,” which he presented to the series “We Have Other Sayings” by the Egyptian artist Yousra. As soon as the song was launched, Fadl faced a severe attack on social networking sites. It led the producing company to apologize to the audience and dispense with the song. In a statement to the company at the time, it said that the decision came out of respect for relations with Lebanon and the legal status of Fadl Shaker in his country.

After that, Fadl disappeared again to return with a video with Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy, and the duet gained more than 155,000 views since it was posted on YouTube. The most searched videos are released among YouTube users in Egypt.