Egyptian folk singer exploits his son to profit on the Internet

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Video clips of the son of a folk singer who is no more than 6 years old have spread on social media over the past few days, in which the child’s father presents a love story that the child lives with his schoolmate through videos and sarcastic comments from his father, the clips that spread very quickly on the communication sites and met with interaction. There is a great deal between the anger of some for the child’s exploitation to gain fame and the sympathy of some for the child.

For its part, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood condemned the child abuse by his father, the popular singer, who published offensive videos on social media platforms on Friday. In this regard, the Council announced that it had taken all necessary measures. The Council submitted a report to the Child Protection Office at the Office of the Deputy Counselor. Year to take the necessary actions regarding this incident.

Dr. Sahar Al-Sunbati, Secretary-General of the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, explained that a channel was monitored on the social networking site “YouTube”, which includes the publication of videos of abuse and broadcast violence among children in addition to the publication of the page of that singer on Facebook, with reference to the broadcast of a singing festival entitled Khadesh for modesty. The year the child hero himself will be the subject of the videos, which aroused strong dissatisfaction with these unacceptable acts.

Al-Sunbati confirmed that the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood will take all necessary measures regarding these facts and that the exploitation of children of flowerage in this offensive way is unacceptable and includes exposing them to danger and threatening their upbringing and morals, and represents an assault on the principles and values ​​of the Egyptian family.

She added that the exploitation of children for the sake of profit and fame is contrary to the provisions of the Child Law and in a manner that exposes the child to danger. It also violates the provision of Article 291 of the Egyptian Penal Code, which includes the prohibition against infringing the child’s right to protection from trafficking or sexual, commercial, or economic exploitation, In addition to Law No. 64 of 2010 on combating human trafficking.