Mileydis Aldana decapitated an owl and a gang shot her

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A tragic accident made headlines in Colombia on December 13th, when hired killers murdered Mileydis Aldana. The woman boasts of having an owl beheaded and posted pictures on social media.

Since her act described by trackers across the country as “barbaric,” the 21-year-old has been under investigation for animal abuse and has received constant death threats.

Un contrat sur la tête de la femme qui a décapité le hibou?

A young woman named Mileydis Aldana Herazo, nicknamed “The Owl Killer”, was recently killed in Colombia. While she was sitting outside her house, two men on motorcycles approached her and fired six bullets at her.

Mileydis Aldana Herazo in Colombia was famous for its horrific cases of animal abuse. In June, she posted photos of an owl on Facebook that she was allegedly beheaded.

Not only did the young woman kill the bird, but she did worse, grabbing its corpse, waving it proudly, like a hunter with his flock. As a result, the footage went viral and caused outrage in the country. Since then, Mileydis has been under investigation for animal abuse, amid complaints from organizations working in the field.

In addition to this, Mileydis Aldana Herazo herself indicated that she frequently receives death threats on social networks. However, in recent days, women’s Facebook posts have foretold tragedy. Among the groups of messages Aldana has posted, one can read “I know a lot of people want to kill me, (but) they won’t be able to.” Four days later, the calamity occurred and the woman was killed outside her home.

One might think that killing a woman of this age would meet with sympathy for her, and even the opposite, as many rejoiced at her abhorrence, saying that the woman who beheaded an owl was also killed. A netizen commented on her murder: “Why on earth would a sane person cut off the head of an innocent bird?” Commented on her murder.

Does animal life have more value than human life?

animal abuse investigation
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Despite the netizens ’view of the young woman’s killing, the police opened an investigation to find the killers of Mileydis Aldana by shooting her, since the killers have since disappeared on a motorbike without witnesses being able to identify them.

Looking at Mileydis Aldana’s past, and although public opinion is dealing with retaliation by animal rights activists, it appears that the police are taking this theory with greater caution on the other hand.

Ironically, some have claimed that the owl that the woman killed came for her. As for some others, killing a human life for the sake of an animal is not a good thing. But what is really bad is that the woman was walking around the city holding the body of an owl, showing that she was a mentally ill person.

The issue could take a very different turn

Aside from the owl’s beheading, the young woman had a criminal history, which was likely linked to drug trafficking investigations. Thus, this causes the police to pursue another path to solve the mystery of the case.
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