Turkey unveils the first armed maneuvering boat, and these are its capabilities

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Two Turkish companies have completed the manufacture of the prototype of the first unmanned remotely piloted boat, which is planned to be entrusted with some tasks to protect Turkish territorial waters as soon as it is inaugurated at the end of this December.

Meteksan Defense Industries and the Turkish shipyard company Ares managed to manufacture a prototype of an unmanned remotely piloted armed boat, called “SİDA,” in a first in the country.

Super capabilities

The “SIDA” boat, which is considered one of the most important Turkish defense industries, is distinguished by its superior capabilities to guard and control maritime areas, in addition to its ability to travel up to 400 kilometers at a time, at a speed of up to 65 kilometers per hour, as well as its possession of encrypted local communication systems. Made, and its ability to monitor day and night.

The boat, which was produced by joint local efforts, is made of innovative materials and advanced vehicles and is characterized by the ability to remotely control it from a coastal headquarters or mobile vehicles on the coast or floating platforms in the sea, such as aircraft carriers and frigates.

Varied tasks

The two producing companies expect that the sailing boat will play a major role in carrying out multiple operational tasks, as its advanced and multiple capabilities play a strong presence in the regional arena with rapid fluctuations and events.

The role of “SIDA” extends to many maritime tasks such as reconnaissance, surveillance, intelligence operations, armed escort, protection of naval forces, security of strategic installations, surface warfare, asymmetric warfare, and other various operational needs.

Sida has effective capabilities in the field of participating in joint operations consisting of a large number of drones, coordinating those operations with drones and manned aircraft, and jamming enemy communications systems in an electronic warfare environment, and can be equipped with communications and intelligence systems.

In addition to being a remotely controlled naval drone, Sida is equipped with superior and advanced capabilities for naval military operations and other features related to artificial intelligence and autonomous leadership.

Soon in service

The two producing companies are preparing to land the “Sida” boat to the sea at the end of this December, to start operational tasks that contribute to protecting the maritime borders, after the two companies that manufacture it have completed the necessary tests in cooperation with the Turkish company “Roketsan” for the manufacture of missiles.

Otto Alang, General Manager of “Ares”, said that his company feels proud that it contributed to the production of the first armed boat in Turkey, pointing out that the aforementioned boat will be entrusted with multiple tasks to protect the “blue homeland” after entering the service and launching it to the sea.

Alang explained that the production of the boat was primarily aimed at providing naval warfare technologies for the armed forces, and contributing to monitoring Turkish territorial waters in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

“Sida is able to provide important services in solving the problems of monitoring regional waters, and monitoring the enemy’s movements, especially in rocky islands and other narrow areas, in addition to his ability to collect intelligence information and directly engage the enemy,” he said.

Alanboat’s g added that the boat’s manuocess, “Sida”, which includes multi-faceted studies and research, began about 3 years ago, describing the boat as an effective weapon more than it is a marine warship.

Superb control

In turn, the deputy general manager of Matksan, Ardal Toron, said that his company produces many infrastructure systems used in unmanned aerial vehicles and missile systems.

To Anadolu Agency, Torun expressed his pride in the participation of his company in the manufacture of the first unmanned armed boat in Turkey, stressing the importance of war vehicles in wars, and the role of these defensive means in reducing human losses.

He pointed out that his company provides military systems with automatic command that depend on fully artificial intelligence, noting that the armed and marching boat “Sida” has an automatic and autonomous driving system capable of controlling all vehicle movements by taking advantage of the satellite navigation system (GPS).

Turks the past years a boom in various d over the past years defense industries, especially in the field of drones such as “Bayraktar” with its various models, and “Akinci”, which has advanced combat capabilities.

Source : Anatolia