Barcelona future president: We rejected a superstitious offer for Messi

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The likely candidate for the presidency of Barcelona, ​​Juan Laporta, is considered to be the only one who has credibility with the team’s legend, Argentine Leo Messi, to convince him to continue with the Catalan club.

In an interview, Laporta (born in Barcelona, ​​1962) confirmed that Messi knows that everything he said to him in the past has been implemented, and he believes that the material aspect will not be an obstacle to the continuation of the “flea”.

The lawyer who presided over Barcelona club from 2003 to 2010 confirmed that he is living the presidential election campaign and is convinced of the great team behind him, and his confidence in his victory was similar to that of 2003.

I do not own a project?

On his accusation by competitors that he does not have a project, he said, “I respect everything they say, but I will not go into these matters. What matters to me is to overturn the economic situation that the club is currently experiencing, which we will find very bad and restore Barcelona’s self-respect. This is our priority.”

And about his ability to turn the situation around if he wins the next January 24 elections and to lead the administration to win titles this season, he said, “Yes, I think we can win titles like the team did recently against Valladolid, so we aspire to everything, the team is full of great players,” The idea is to find the necessary rhythm, balance,and mechanisms. I think the technical staff works in the same direction. ”

He stressed: “Change should come with motivation. The smile must be restored to Barca. We are looking for calm through a leader who enjoys leadership and a board of directors that sets the lines that should be followed. This is the model for our club.”

And about his opinion on the future of the star of the team, Lionel Messi, whose contract will expire next summer, and if he will be convinced of the next project, he said: “Yes, the new project will help Messi a lot because it offers a competitive team, this is the most important for him. In this matter I have a comparative advantage over the next project.” The rest of the candidates: I have credibility with Liu, he knows that everything I told him I did, and he told me that, I want to be president of the club to strengthen him athletically and economically and to be crowned with successes again in the Champions League. ”

Laporta acknowledged that the former president of Inter Milan had previously offered 250 million euros to buy Messi, at a value greater than the penalty clause in his contract at the time (150 million euros), saying: “They offered this number because I did not budge on the phrase” Messi is not for sale “, Moratti told me. He desperately wanted to include him and was ready to make an attractive offer, this was in 2006 and we knew that Messi should be the cornerstone of Barcelona in the following years. During my presidency,we received a lot of offers to sign Messi and we always refused them. ”

Messi’s salary in Barcelona

and about the possibility of Messi continuing to get 100 million euros net for the season despite the current economic situation of the club, he commented, “I will see that when I enter the club, but I think that financial matters will not be an obstacle for Leo to continue.”

And whether he believes that Messi contributes to increasing the club’s income more than what he spends on him, he added: “I think so and this is the reality. I have lived this for many years, and sponsors come to the presence of Messi in the team.”

In response to a question if the first thing he would do if he won the elections was sitting with Messi, he completed: “When I know what I can offer him according to the club’s financial capabilities, I will present him with a sports and economic proposal to evaluate it.”