The talk Manchester United vie for the title is just hype

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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has made it clear that the Premier League title competition is hype but stressed that the team is improving.

Manchester United’s 2-0 win over Everton in the League Cup quarter-finals Wednesday was the 14th consecutive victory for Solskjaer away in domestic competitions, and the last time they failed to win away from home in a non-European tournament against Tottenham Hotspur in June.

Manchester United has scored six wins and drawn once in their last seven league matches to jump to third place in the table, five points behind leaders Liverpool, and a game left.

Solskjaer told reporters before United visited Leicester City, second-placed, on Sunday: There is always noise about Manchester United. It is for us about the development of the team, and we deal with each match separately.

“That’s the title of the game,” he added. “It’s the only way to compete for anything at the end of the season.” So this is not something we have to talk about.

He continued: The only thing that we talk about and focus on is development every day, learning how to deal with certain situations, and we may be praised now. This is another matter we have to learn to deal with.

Manchester United meet Leicester at King Power Stadium, where they won 2-0 to finish third in the last round of last season.

Manchester United have lost once in their last 22 league games against Leicester and have their last 11 games unbeaten by Brendan Rodgers’ side since falling 5-3 in September 2014.

“We had some good times against Leicester,” the Norwegian coach said, “and our matches were equal.” They are an excellent team, and they have a great coach. I enjoyed watching Leicester under Brendan Rodgers, and it was a tough test for us to go home in the last league game last season, and we managed to get through it.

“I enter every match, and I am thinking about how to win it, and it does not matter much now whether it is at or outside our stadium.”