The 2020 conclusion … who is the winner between Messi and Ronaldo ?

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Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has concluded his matches with his team Juventus in 2020. His Argentine rival Lionel Messi is playing his last game of the year with Barcelona against Eibar, next Tuesday, in the Spanish League.

In the last two decades, the two football phenomena have not been able to win the award for best player in the world or Europe this year, as the duo bowed in front of the Polish machine, Robert Lewandowski, the star of Bayern Munich.

In this regard, Agaranmag monitored the various failures and successes of the two giants in 2020.

A year to forget

Messi had his worst year since 2003 as he could not lead Barcelona to clinch a single title throughout 2020.

Messi lost the Liga title with his team Barcelona to Real Madrid and left the King’s Cup early; also, he received a humiliating slap after his exit from the Champions League quarter-finals, a historic loss (2-8) in front of defending champions Bayern Munich.

On the other hand, Ronaldo succeeded in leading Juventus to maintain the Serie A title, as he was the top scorer for his team last season.

Despite the Don against Lyon’s double, Juventus could not overcome the Champions League final price’s hurdle and left the tournament early, after it also failed to win the Italian Cup and the local Super Cup.

Don Ronaldo progress

Although the year 2020 was not the best for the duo at the collective level, Ronaldo clearly outperformed his rivals on the individual level by a large margin.

Messi played more matches than the Don in various tournaments, where he played 48 games, more than his opponent by 3 games.

Despite this, Ronaldo outperformed the Argentine legend in the scoring side, scoring 44 goals against just 27 for the Pulga.

In terms of decisive passes, the 33-year-old won tilted the scales with 19 goals, compared to only 7 for the Portuguese legend.

In general, Ronaldo scored 51 goals in 45 games, whether with Juventus or Portugal, while the Barça and Argentina captain scored 46 goals between scoring and industry in 48 games.

Messi only visited the net once during 4 international appearances with the tango dancers this year, while Ronaldo scored 3 goals in 6 matches with Portugal.

Direct confrontations

Opportunity had once again seen the two stars on the pitch face to face after an absence of nearly two and a half years since Ronaldo left Real Madrid in the summer of 2018.

However, the Don could not support the Juventus battalion in his first match against Barcelona around Champions League groups after being infected with the Coronavirus.

Ronaldo did not witness the fall of his team into his home country at the hands of Messi and his companions with two goals without a response so that his clash with his Argentine opponent was postponed until the end of the group stage at Camp Nou.

This time, fate wanted the two stars to meet again on the green lawn so that Ronaldo could settle the confrontation in his favor after scoring a double that enabled Juve to avenge himself by defeating the Blaugrana in his stadium by three without a response.

On the other hand, Ronaldo outperformed Messi in the race for the best player globally, despite Lewandowski winning it, as the Portuguese came in second place by voting, ahead of the Barca captain, who came behind him.

With this, the Juventus star finished the year 2020 ahead of Messi in many aspects, whether in terms of collective titles, odd numbers and the race for the best in the world.

Perhaps crowning the La Liga top scorer award last season is the only spot of light in Messi’s record this year, although he has scored 25 goals, fewer than Ronaldo, who scored 31 goals in Calcio.

Last week, Ronaldo was chosen as the winner of the Golden Foot and the Dubai Globe Soccer Award this week. Messi was crowned in Spain with the Pichichi Award, which Marca wrote for the seventh time in his history.