Why don’t you comb your hair?…strange question for Boris Johnson

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On Thursday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was exposed to a strange situation when a journalist asked him one of the strangest personal questions ever.

A journalist quoted a question that his mother had recommended to the high British official.

As for the substance of the question, which undoubtedly many Britons and non-British people were curious about, it was about the prime minister’s hair and why he did not comb it.

The journalist literally said: “You represent the country abroad, but we hardly ever see your hair in order. My mother wants to know why she is not laying it.”

However, Johnson responded with open arms, laughing and denouncing at the same time, saying: Yes, I have a problem with my hair, but I always write it, and I even have a comb in my office. ”He continued with a smile:“ I convey my greetings to your mother, and I wish her a generous holiday, and I also apologize to her.”!

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