Watch: The new Santiago Bernabéu … 6 secrets of the awaited Real Madrid stronghold

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The Real Madrid stadium’s redevelopment, “Santiago Bernabeu“, is in full swing, amid expectations that the new stadium will be ready and open to visitors in the summer of 2022.

Business is currently focusing on the stadium roof, parking lot, and the stands’ right-hand side.

The Spanish newspaper Marca revealed 6 secrets about the new stadium:

-Dressing rooms:

Real Madrid has published several details about its new stadium, but it is silent about the dressing rooms and their composition, and will they be more circular? Or have larger spaces to allow players to warm up?
What Marca reached in this regard is that the place where the players enter the stadium will change, as the bus will enter through the car park in the old corner of the Bernabéu, and not through a place known as “Padre Damien”, and there is no picture of that.
New Santiago Bernabeu

– Blue seats:

The structure of the stands and the stadium’s capacity will remain the same in the “New Santiago Bernabéu”, but will the blue color remain dominant on the stands?
It is expected that there will be more space for the masses in their seats, which will be completely new and more comfortable, but the color of these new seats has not yet been clarified.

The seats will likely remain as blue as they were at the old Bernabéu, but there could be a range of colors, including purple, white, and yellow as well.

– A hotel on the stadium:

There will not be a big hotel at the stadium, but rather a small hotel, but it is luxurious. In the first brochure distributed on the “New Santiago Bernabéu,” there was a mention of a hotel whose rooms overlooked the green rectangle, but the Board of Directors rejected this issue.

– Retractable stadium:

“Marca” revealed – earlier – that the stadium will include two green rectangles, but the mechanism by which they will be dealt with is not yet clear.
The idea is to have natural football turf and keep the turf in good condition; a different turf floor will be used for non-sporting events, such as artistic performances.

-The profits of the new stadium:

Initial estimates indicated that Real Madrid would earn 150 million euros annually from the “new Santiago Bernabeu” more than the old stadium.
But these estimates will change, of course, due to the Coronavirus, but if life returns to normal by the summer of 2022, the initial estimates will be somewhat accurate.
New antiago Bernabeu

– Sponsor of the new stadium:

Although the stadium’s name will not change, and it is called a new sponsor, there are dozens of offers that have been made to the royal team.
In the beginning, the International Petroleum Investment Company (owned by the government of Abu Dhabi) won the rights to name the “New Santiago Bernabéu”, but the matter was not completed after the case ended in the corridors of the courts.

Until the stadium’s construction is completed, its inauguration, and restoration work on it, the Spanish capital will study the offers on the table because the rights to name the new stadium will be entered into the club’s treasury.

Source: Spanish Press