Because of a two, Zidane is hurting at Real Madrid

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Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane announced Eden Hazard’s return to appear during the match against Elche tomorrow, Wednesday, in the framework of the 16th round of La Liga.

Zidane said, during the press conference: “The risk of injury due to lack of rotation? We have many professional players, and we have very competent people who take care of that.”

He added, “We will never take any risks if we know that a player may suffer any harm. We have many matches and training, and we also have many good players.”

Asked if one of the players proposed to include another player, he replied: “This is not happening here. I am the coach, and the players do not interfere and will not interfere. They are fighting on the field and want to win.”

And Abizaid: “It hurts me not to participate Isco and Marcelo, as they want to participate, and everyone wants that of course, and these are complex situations, which is the bad part of the coach that I have to show.”

Zidane noted: “In every match, I have to choose 11 players. I can say that I am passionate about football as a player and coach, and I have flaws, but I am passionate about football.”

Regarding criticism, he said: “Nothing bothered me. You ask while I am doing my work. The criticisms will not change. We will face difficulties, and we know that, and we must continue to work hard because complicated matches are coming.”

He added, “The renewal of Ramos and Vasquez’s contracts? The debate is there, and I want all of these players to remain here because they are the best, and of course, I hope these matters will be completed quickly.”

On the Belgian Eden Hazard position, the Real Madrid coach said: “He will be here tomorrow, and the idea is to play a little and benefit from it.”

And about the possibility of Isco and Marcelo leaving in the winter, he replied: “I depend on all my players, they are players here at Real Madrid, and I do not think whether they want to leave or not, I cannot control that, and what I can say is that they are very focused and train well.”

He concluded by talking about facing Elche: “It is a team that performs well, and the stadium of Elche is difficult, and it is a newly promoted team, and we want to continue our work.”