Tourism normalization … The Israelis steal everything they can carry from UAE hotels

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About a month after the start of commercial flights between Israel and the UAE, complaints began to accumulate from Abu Dhabi and Dubai regarding the phenomenon of some Israeli tourists stealing items and possessions from hotel rooms.

This phenomenon quickly unfolded, despite the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s initiative to issue a “behavior memorandum” that included instructions on “what is prohibited and permitted,” and instructions to Israelis on how to act when traveling to the UAE and staying in its hotels.

The complaints were not officially received from the UAE, but they came precisely from Jewish officials and Israeli tourism companies. The website of the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” quoted an Israeli businessman working in the field of trade and tourism as saying, “I have been visiting the UAE for many years as part of my commercial business. I was shocked by the behavior and approach of some Israeli tourists. ”

Check out

The Israeli businessman described the details of the phenomenon of stealing some hotel possessions and property in the Emirates by being a witness and documenting what happened in a hotel, saying, “Last month I arrived at the normal hotel in which I was staying, and I was terrified and ashamed when I found in the lobby of the hotel Israelis whose bags were opened before Check out, and search for items stolen from rooms. ”

“I saw a group of young men loading towels and electric kettles in their bags. What we saw in Turkey a few years ago is spreading and expanding in Dubai.”

The Israeli businessman explained that he saw the staff members who had taken towels and kettles out of some Israeli tourists’ bags who had been searched. Another Israeli woman’s bag was found on a multi-lights lamp, the price of which does not exceed a few dollars.

Netanyahu during a press conference receiving an official Emirati delegation in Tel Aviv (Al Jazeera Net)

Missing things

The details of the phenomenon of some Israeli tourists stealing were confirmed by the Israeli newspaper, the director of a hotel overlooking the Burj Khalifa located in the heart of the Business Bay area, saying, “We host hundreds of tourists from all over the world, and there are quite a few tourists who provoke and create problems, but we have not seen who Before the stolen items and possessions from the hotel rooms. ”

“Recently, we have been exposed to Israeli tourists who come to the hotel, and upon departure, they carry in their bags all the things they have in their hands, stealing towels, coffee and tea bags, bed linens, and lamps,” the hotel manager added.

The hotel manager reviewed the case of an Israeli family that reflects the phenomenon of robbery from hotel rooms, saying, “A family with two children came to check out, and we were present to discover that things are missing in the room. An employee explained to them that some things in the room in which they were staying were missing,” then The guests started shouting. ”

But after shouting and chatting, the hotel manager said, “The family agreed to search their bags and luggage before leaving the hotel, to discover the ice container, bedsheets, and towels they had, as they returned them and apologized when we told them that we would inform the police.”

Israel UAE

The disclosure of this comes despite the “Code of Conduct” that the Israeli Foreign Ministry circulates to its citizens before heading to the UAE, through which it reviews the permissible and prohibited, and the appropriate approach and behavior of an Israeli tourist in UAE hotels, a position expressed by Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, saying in one of the government sessions “We must not present the Emiratis with the image of the ugly Israeli.”

Israeli personalities have anticipated the phenomenon and warned against it through opinion articles published in some Israeli websites and newspapers, perhaps the most prominent of which is the singer Yasmine Levy’s article, which was published in the Haaretz newspaper under the title “Beware, Dubai, the Israelis are coming.”

The author of the article warned the Emiratis about what they will be exposed to after the aircraft coming from Ben Gurion Airport, noting that the Israeli tourist is notorious for stealing everything he sees in hotel rooms and furnished apartments, including towels, sheets, pillows, paintings, lamps, and even the faucets, not only that, but that The Israeli tourist haggles over prices, raises his voice, screams, starts quarrels and problems, and does not respect anyone.

Prostitution tourism

Before that, Israeli media revealed that Israeli tourists headed to Dubai, which it described as “the capital of prostitution and prostitution in the world.”

Estimates by the Israeli police leadership indicate that members of organized crime gangs from Tel Aviv and the center of the country are involved in running prostitution and prostitution clubs in Dubai, along with local partners.

According to the Israeli police, the talk is about the activity and cooperation of organized crime gangs from the two countries, through fake companies promoting the sale of tourism and recreation packages from Israel to the UAE specifically, and the package includes a 4-night stay in Dubai and an entry visa in the amount of $ 1,200, and the amount does not include club costs Prostitution and prostitution, which may reach between one thousand and two thousand dollars per person.

Source: Al Jazeera