Guardiola confirms respect for De Bruyne’s wish

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Pep Guardiola, Manchester City coach, confirmed that his team does not have many players to participate in against Manchester United in tomorrow’s match in the semi-finals of the English Professional League Cup; Due to Coronavirus infections.

Guardiola missed 6 players in Chelsea’s last Premier League match, yet he managed to achieve a convincing 3-1 victory.

Guardiola told Sky Sports: “We don’t have many players. To play a game or two like this is okay, but if we continue to rely on only 14 or 15 players for a long time, it will be more difficult.”

He added: “But like all people around the world, we have to control our lives and work as closely as possible. We do not have an alternative. The most important thing is for players to recover well from Corona, and others avoid infection as much as possible.”

He continued: “Everyone is fighting the threat of Corona, this situation is completely new, it is as if we were on an island within society, as everything has been banned except for us.”

Again continued: “When some say that football players have privacy, maybe this is true; I did not think so before. I thought they were doctors, teachers, and engineers, but everything was closed except for our work.”

De Bruyne negotiations

Kiven De Bruyne

Turning to the negotiations with Kevin De Bruyne, Guardiola said: “I am not worried at all. I am fully confident that it will continue, but we have to respect the process of achieving this.”

He continued: “I do not know what happens because I did not speak with Tiktiki (the sporting director), but he knows how much we value him not only as a footballer, but as a human being, as he knows his importance for the club, I do not feel anxious, but in the end, this is his decision.

Looking at De Bruyne’s playing as a fictitious striker in the Chelsea game, Guardiola commented: “We don’t have attackers, Gabriel (Jesus) and Ferran (Torres) suffer from Corona, it is possible to rely on Raheem (Sterling), but I prefer his presence as a winger, we do not have many options. Sergio (Aguero) has not yet reached his full fitness. ”

He concluded: “It was possible to rely on Bernardo (Silva), but we preferred to rely on Kevin, perhaps the situation will change in the next match, we will see.”