In a French survey, technology giants took first places

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Technology giants Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, ranked first in a poll conducted by the French “Opinion Wei” for the newspaper, “Le Parisien”, in which I asked the French about the most important innovations that have changed their lives in the past 20 years.

Writer Matthew Pilolli, in Le Parisien’s report, believes that the survey results indicate a profound transformation within society, a shift from the consumer model that prevailed in the twentieth century, and was based on product promotion, to the model of digital services that focus on user satisfaction.

Google ranked first, according to the results of the survey, followed by the Amazon e-commerce site, and the social networking site Facebook in third place.

Apple, the oldest in this quadrant, ranked fourth thanks to its flagship product, the iPhone, which was first marketed in the United States in June 2007 and France in November of the same year.

“I am very surprised that the iPhone comes in this late order because the real revolution is the mobile network revolution,” says Francois Druel, author of the book “Gavà Nomex” on the Big Four.

He adds that “most of the uses of new technologies are currently related to the mobile phone, but the truth is that this device has become available and necessary to the point that people no longer consider it an innovation.”

Questions and criticism

According to the survey, Steve Jobs, the creator of the iPhone, ranks high in the list of 15 most influential people in the past 20 years, as the former CEO of Apple came in seventh place with 13% of the vote.

“The myth of Apple is the most prominent icon in the world of innovation,” Druel comments. “It has been the model to be followed.” And in the same position, Mark Zuckerberg, the founding CEO of Facebook.

Druel believes that the tech giants have understood the game’s laws like many other pioneering companies and are now focused on solving consumer problems.

For his part, Jean-Herve Lorenzi, head of the French Economists Department, believes that the survey results raise many questions due to ignoring several pioneering scientific innovations in recent years, such as the industrial core developed by Karma.

The writer says that such criticisms have become affecting technology companies even in their country of origin, the United States, as many accuse them of abusing their influence and impeding innovation.

The only impact from the innovations of the last century
The survey shows the size of the difficulties that traditional commerce faces in light of the rise of electronic commerce in recent years, and Druel confirms that Amazon has made a huge revolution in the methods of selling and distribution.

The survey results also show that digital broadcasting platforms, such as Netflix and Spotify, are occupying an advanced position among the French consumer, which has been reinforced by the quarantine measures.

The only thing that was mentioned in the survey from the effects of 20th-century innovations and still imposes its presence in the world of digital innovation, according to Druel, is the car, but in its modern form, that is, the electric car.

Source: Le Parisien