10 healthy habits that change your life

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Making small changes and sticking to simple habits can help you achieve big milestones. A few minutes a day in practicing a new healthy habit is sufficient to achieve impressive results.

In a report published by “Goodhouse” in its Russian version, author Vera Irmakova offers several tips and habits that can be adhered to promote physical and psychological health.

1- An extra hour of sleep

Good sleep is very beneficial to the body, as it enhances cardiovascular functions, helps control stress, slow aging, and protect against diseases.

It may be difficult for many to fall asleep an hour earlier than the usual time, so we can start by going to bed 15 minutes earlier in the first week and then do the same thing at the beginning of each week until we reach an extra hour of sleep at the end of the month. IWe must stop browsing social media at night in order to succeed in achieving this goal.

2- Use sunblock

Dermatologists constantly warn of the dangers of sunlight, and regular use of UV blockers is one of the best ways to prevent skin cancer.

A high-quality medicinal product is recommended, and it is best to apply it daily, regardless of the weather or how long you are outside.

3- Walking to strengthen the heart

Doctors confirm that lifestyle has a significant impact on the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Walking daily for between 15 and 30 minutes is one of the most effective ways to prevent heart disease. We can set aside some time in the morning to practice a range of light exercises and take a short walk after returning from work in the evening to relieve stress and fatigue. A healthy heart check-up should also be done at least once a year.

4- Eyecare

Fear of losing sight in whole or in part is one of the most common fears, but most people ignore taking the necessary precautions to protect the eyes, says the author.

March has been described as the ideal month to follow a new healthy habit, as temperatures start to rise and the sun constantly appears after the end of winter, and sunglasses must be worn to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. This simple habit protects not only the eyes but also the thin layer of skin surrounding them.

5- More vegetables and fruits

Doctors agree that eating 5 servings (a medium-sized fruit or half a cup of cooked vegetables) of fresh vegetables and fruits is the minimum required daily to maintain a healthy digestive system. By constantly adding vegetables and fruits to your meals, you will definitely notice that your health is starting to improve.

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6- Reducing sugar

If you are used to drinking coffee or tea with sugar, try reducing the amount you put in each cup by 50%. Dessert can also be substituted with some dried fruit, and you will notice results in no time.

7- Eat on small plates

Research indicates that we often eat up to 20% more food than we need due to fast eating that affects the body’s satiety signals.

It is necessary to make sure to take the time to eat meals so that we do not consume more than we need, and we can also reduce the amount of food by placing it on small plates.

8- Carrying out checks

This includes blood and urine analysis, ultrasound examinations of the heart, thyroid gland, abdomen and pelvis, and to ensure the safety of the eyes and teeth. For women, additional examinations should be done by a gynecologist.

9- The flu vaccine

The author notes that October is considered the best time to get the flu vaccination, and it is preferable to receive it early before the temperature drops because the immune system needs at least two weeks to react to the vaccine.

10- minutes to meditate daily

Experts agree that stress is one of the most dangerous enemies of health, and meditation is – according to the author – one of the best ways to deal with daily stress and mitigate its negative impacts and impacts. Studies have shown that meditation increases the body’s production of the hormone oxytocin, which has an anti-depressant role.

Source: Russian Press

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