Koeman: Some players have to look for the best… I love Dembele

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Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman stressed the difficulty of facing Granada, scheduled to be held tomorrow, Saturday, in the matches of the 18th round of La Liga, noting at the same time the need not to lose any new points in the next stage.

“Another difficult match, we cannot trust the result. Granada is a strong competitor, and if we are not at the top of our level, then we will face great difficulties, and you have to be humble, give everything you have, and show your true personality to win such matches,” Koeman said at the match’s press conference”.

He continued: “Thinking about each match separately is the best solution. We are not in a position where we can think of super confrontations because our position in the league forces us to make every effort to win the match.”

Koeman continued: “We are about to have a strong week. We will play 3 matches away from our stadium, and we must recover well after each match, so we cannot lose more points. We play under great pressure, and it is a double-edged sword, but the important aspect of it is that it will push us to play matches without Indolence. ”

About the brilliance of Pedri Gonzales, and the possibility of joining the list of Spain in the European Championship, Ronald Koeman said: “This is not my decision, we can say many positive things about what he has presented so far.”

“Nobody expects a youngster to play in every game, but he deserves it. All young players have ups and downs, and I have no doubt that he will continue to improve, and this has to appear for a long time,” he explained.

About Cornella’s confrontation with the cup, after he ousted Atletico Madrid, he said: “I was not surprised. The Cup is full of surprises, and we could face a complicated match, as this team deserved to win over Atletico Madrid.”

On the departure of some players … and the return of Dembele

On Samuel Umtiti, he said: “He missed a long time, recovered at last, and there is a long way to go to get back in full form, and Lenglet will be absent to stop, but we have Araujo and Menguisa, as well as Umtiti, and we will make our decision after training”.

When asked about the departure of some players this January, he replied: “It is better for players who do not participate to have the opportunity to participate. We informed them of this, and Ramon Blanes (the sporting director) deals with the matter because I put my full focus on the matches.

He added, “The decision is up to the player, and I think that for some without mentioning names, it is better that they search for the best players because of their youth, and young people cannot go a full year without playing.”

Koeman talked about Ousmane Dembele after his attendance in the matches, saying: “The most important thing is physical fitness. We know that he has been suffering from bad luck for many years due to injuries, and we know his capabilities well, but the important thing, as I mentioned, is that he be in the best physical condition, which is fine and happy, and I love him. ”

As for Messi, he said: “He won against Bilbao, so he appeared happy. He loves playing and training a lot, and he feels upset when he loses. Leo has done his best and helps us a lot to win, but it is not normal for him to score a hat-trick in every match”.

Regarding the inclusion of new players, he said: “This season will be important for us because we want to improve the team and we need more competition and effectiveness in some centers, but I understand the club’s economic situation, and if necessary, we will continue with the same capabilities, and we hope that we will do support next season.”