Sex tape affair: Zidane fully supports Benzema

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Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has said he “fully” supports player Karim Benzema as he faces a lawsuit in the sextape affair.

Former French champion Zinedine Zidane defended his 33-year-old colt in the Sextape affair of his former team-mate in the French national team Mathieu Valbuena.

“I fully support him; I’m with him, I know very well that these are not easy situations,” Zidane said at a press conference on the eve of a Real Madrid game against Osasuna.

Zidane was responding to a question about his coaching role as his player faces legal issues. “So when’s the masquerade, huh?” », Reacted the person concerned when the affair dating from 2015 once again resurfaced. The date of the trial has not yet been announced.

“The most important thing is that it is good that it disregards all that. He focuses on what he loves, on his job, on his family he loves, ”added the coach of Real, saying that it is a“ complicated situation ”. “I hope it will settle quickly for everyone,” he said.

Karim Benzema, 33, who has played for Real Madrid since 2009 is considered today as one of the best strikers in Europe, crowned the best player in the Spanish Championship in 2020, but he was no longer called up for the team in France since this Sextape case broke in 2015.

He is suspected of having incited in 2015 his ex-teammate Mathieu Valbuena to pay blackmailers who threatened to unveil an intimate video featuring him. Thursday, the file was before the criminal court of Versailles.