Messi’s brilliance leads Barcelona to invade Granada

Barcelona won a great victory over Granada 4-0, today, Saturday, in the 18th round of the Spanish League.

Griezmann scored the first goal for Barcelona, in the 12th minute, in a shot that sparked protests from the Granada players, after Busquets passed the ball to hit Soldado, the opponent’s player, and changed direction to reach the Frenchman, who was in an offside position, to hit it in the net.

After returning to the video technology, the referee recognized the goal’s correctness, which confirmed that the ball went to Griezmann from Soldado.

Messi managed to score the second goal, in the 35th minute, after a pass from Griezmann, which was received by Pulga and penetrated into the area of operations, to fire a powerful shot to the right of goalkeeper Silva.

Messi added the third goal in the 42nd minute after shooting a free-kick from the penalty area’s edge.

The 63rd minute saw Barcelona’s fourth goal, as Busquets passed a long ball to Dembele on the right side, who in turn passed it to Griezmann inside the penalty area, and the French received it and hit it with the right foot into the net.