Guardiola: Manchester City are lucky with this player

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Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has paid tribute to one of the outstanding players in his squad this season.

Guardiola said of Robin Diaz, in statements to “Sky Sports”: “When you buy a player, you think that he will help the team, but you do not know how much.”

He added, “Diaz’s abilities and his understanding of the games is amazing … He wants to learn, and we all like his body and mind.”

“He goes to the gym every day in the morning, where he exercises and eats perfectly. He lives 24 hours in football,” Guardiola continued.

He continued: “Diaz can play a game every 3 days and then recover immediately, and when you have a player like him, this justifies his importance within the team.”

Guardiola continued: “When you have a player who gets injured every two or three weeks, this is not good for the team or the club itself.”

He concluded: “At the age of 23 I can guarantee you that we have signed a great player for 5, 6 or 7 years to come, and finding this is not easy, so we are very lucky and we hope that Diaz will continue to develop.”