Tottenham knocked out Marine by 5 FA Cup goals

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Tottenham Hotspur qualified for the fourth round of the FA Cup easily, after sweeping host Marin by five clean Sunday evening.

Tottenham opened the scoring in the 24th minute after Dele Alli sent an elaborate ground cross to the uncontrolled Carlos Vinicius inside the penalty area. The latter stumbled while trying to shoot but then managed to dodge the goalkeeper and hit the net.

Tottenham added the second goal in the 30th minute after Dele sent me a cross to Doherty inside the penalty area, and the latter shot a ball on the bird that was blocked by the goalkeeper before Vinicius easily followed it to enter the net.

The third goal for Tottenham was not late, as the Spurs got a foul from the penalty area’s borders, carried out by Lucas Moura with a direct shot that landed on the goal in the 32nd minute.

Vinicius signed the hat-trick in the 37th minute after hitting an elaborate curved ball from inside the penalty area. The Marin keeper failed to stop it, ending the first half with complete control Tottenham advanced 4-0.

In the 15th minute of the second half, Devin managed to score the fifth goal for Tottenham, with a powerful low shot from inside the penalty area.

Vinicius missed a great opportunity in the 90 + 2 minute, with a shot from inside the penalty area, which passed a very short distance next to the post, to end the match with Tottenham’s 5-0 victory.