A new record for Ronaldo in Juventus’ victory over Sassuolo

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Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo equaled a new record after scoring a goal in the match that his team beat Sassuolo 3-1 today, Sunday, in the Serie A’s seventeenth round.

Juventus advanced with a goal scored by Danilo in the 51st minute, and Gregory Devrell equalized to Sassuolo in the 58th minute, before Aaron Ramsey scored the second goal for Juventus in the 82nd minute, when Cristiano Ronaldo scored the third goal for Juventus in the second minute of the match’s stoppage time.

With the goal scored by Ronaldo, he raised his goal tally to 15 goals, to reinforce his lead in the Italian league this season, and to equal the record registered in the name of Joseph Pecan as the most goal-scoring player in the history of football, scoring his goal number 759.

The match saw Sassuolo player, Bidor Mba Obiang, be sent off in the first minute of stoppage time for the first half.

Juventus raised its score to 33 points in fourth place, and Sassuolo’s score stopped at 29 points in seventh place.

Early blow Pirlo in front of Sassuolo.

Andrea Pirlo, the Juventus coach, received a painful blow at the start of the match, as the American Weston McKinney, the Juventus midfielder, suffered a muscle injury in the first minutes, and was unable to complete the game, to request a substitution from his coach.

Pirlo decided to immediately clear him in the 18th minute, to be replaced by Welshman Aaron Ramsey.

McKinney faces the risk of missing the next two Juventus matches against Genoa in the Italian Cup and Inter Milan in the Serie A.