WhatsApp reassures users about privacy, with conditions

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The move of the world-famous messaging app ” WhatsApp ” to update the privacy policy has sparked a lot of controversy; for fear of breaching privacy, mass migration waves have arisen to other similar messaging apps after the green application forced users to agree to share their various data with Facebook; otherwise, it will be deleted Their account as of February 8th.

The Facebook-owned messaging app issued a clarification in the new case, stressing that your privacy will not be affected if you do not use two optional features. WhatsApp said that the new privacy policy does not affect your messages with your friends and family in the FAQ section.

Business accounts only

According to the company, the update will only affect messages sent to business accounts on the popular messaging application, which the user adds as an optional feature, according to what was reported by “Business Insider” on Tuesday.

She also explained that the application, which has about 2.2 billion users worldwide, provides comprehensive encryption for personal messages to all users. WhatsApp or Facebook cannot read your messages or hear your calls.

It also added that it does not keep logs of user messages and calls because it considers it a “privacy and security risk.”

She also confirmed that WhatsApp does not share your contacts with other Facebook applications.

As for what the app will share, WhatsApp said it would share data on how you interact with companies on its app.

Display ads

Also, WhatsApp Business accounts will also be able to use the Facebook store platform to display their products on the popular app. If you are shopping from companies that use the store platform, your shopping activity data will be shared with Facebook and used to display ads on the blue site and Instagram.

It is noteworthy that the new privacy policy from “WhatsApp” provides for the sharing of the phone number, server address, and mobile phone data with “Facebook”, which had acquired “WhatsApp” in 2014, and the new privacy policy raised the concern of technology experts and defenders of data protection rights and users Especially those concerned with protecting their data, and who fear a resurgence of data leak crises, such as the one that led Facebook to US federal investigations into large-scale data leakage incidents.