Watch Eche Chinonso, with fantasy skills entering the Guinness book

Eche Chinonso focused on social media after successfully setting a record for hitting the ball with feet and legs while keeping another ball to the head within a minute.

Learning and setting an example

Eche Chinonso said that no one taught him these skills. Still, his father impacted his life by showing some video recordings, through which he learned on his own. However, he was influenced by world stars such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and retired Nigerian midfielder Jay-Jay Okocha.

Eche Chinonso, who came from the southern city of Warri in Nigeria, scored 111 soccer strikes within 60 seconds and kept a second ball on his head to enter the 2021 version of the Guinness Book of Records, his first appearance for this field in the encyclopedia.

Eche Chinonso’s dream:

The 12-year-old hopes to shine internationally in football in the future after setting a new world record in free football skills.

“My dream is to become a football player and world-class in free skills and to travel the world,” said Eche Chinonso. He added that he aspires to score two thousand strikes while preserving a second ball on his head in the future.