Tottenham comes back and hits Sheffield hard

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Tottenham Hotspur returned to the victories’ path again, by defeating the unknown league Sheffield United, 3-1, in the match hosted by Bramall Lane on Sunday evening, in the 19th round of the Premier League.

Tottenham’s hat-trick was scored by Serge Aurier (5′), Harry Kane (40′), and Tangy Ndumbley (62′), while Sheffield’s only goal was scored by David McGoldrick (59′).

Tottenham rose to fourth place after raising its tally to 33 points, while Sheffield stuck at 5 points, trailing the table.

The first attempt in the game for Tottenham came in the fourth minute, with a powerful shot from Berguin from outside the penalty area, sent by goalkeeper Rumsdale to a corner kick.

After implementing the last corner, Sun sent a cross that Aurier followed with a neat header that hit the net in the fifth minute.

The Spurs missed the opportunity to add the second goal in the eighth minute after Sun received a special pass from Harry Kane to separate Bramsdale and hit a ball towards the goal that collided with the top post.

Sheffield appeared from the offensive side for the first time in the 29th minute, with a ground shot from the edge of the penalty area from Porky, which was caught by goalkeeper Lloris.

Tottenham strengthened their progress by adding the second goal in the 40th minute after Kane hit a ball from outside the penalty area, which Rumsdale could not catch and entered the net.

The Spurs began his attacking style at the start of the second half and elevated Bogle to a cross in the 47th minute, hitting a header that went over the bar.

Kane responded with a powerful shot from outside the penalty area in the 50th minute, which Rumsdale sent away to a corner kick.

Lundstram tried to surprise Tottenham goalkeeper Lloris with a curved shot from the penalty area’s edge in the 57th minute, but his ball went past the post.

Sheffield narrowed the gap in the 59th minute after Flick sent a cross from the left side; David McGoldrick rose to it, striking a neat header that hit the net.

After only 3 minutes, Tottenham responded, after Burgoyne passed a distinctive ball to Ndomble inside the penalty area in the 62nd minute, and the latter fired a wonderful ball that hit the post and entered the net.

In the 70th minute, McGoldrick tried to reduce the difference again with a shot from the edge of the penalty area, but Lloris blocked it.

In the last 20 minutes, the match went through with slight attacks from Tottenham without posing a threat to Sheffield’s goal, the first minute of stoppage time as Kane received a perfect ball from Sohn on the edge of the penalty area, Kane hit the crossbar.