Know that closing WhatsApp will not save you from tracking you?

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For days, the WhatsApp application has been subject to intense campaigns of criticism, sparked by the company’s previous decision to change some of the conditions related to privacy, which prompted the most popular messaging application to retreat temporarily, despite all the clarifications and data it previously issued to explain the new steps it requested.

However, in the midst of that war and controversy, millions of users of messaging sites and customers of technology companies’ giants overlooked that other applications and websites are far more destructive to privacy than WhatsApp!

The expert on Internet security and surveillance, Zach Duffman, according to what “Forbes” magazine reported yesterday, that the WhatsApp storm distracted millions from the abuse of the Facebook Messenger application, for example, on the privacy of users.

acebook and our data

He also added, “We all know that Facebook earns his livelihood and profits from our data, so we pay him and pay for his free services.”

Also, he stressed that encrypting conversations is the safety valve that most messaging applications are marketed to. However, we must not take end-to-end encryption for granted.

He also warned about one of the paradoxes in the violent reactions to WhatsApp, which is the threat of users to leave it, which is encrypted by default from end to end, in exchange for using the “Telegram” application, which is not like that!

It is noteworthy that the company, Whatsapp, had previously made it clear that “private messages cannot be seen…and Facebook also cannot do this after updating the data requested by the application”, but its interpretation did not extinguish users’ anger, knowing that Facebook previously indicated that it monitors content Messenger, the sender in private messages between users!