Juventus hit Napoli and crown the Italian Super Cup

After defeating Napoli, Juventus won the Italian Super Cup, with two goals to no return, in their match at the Mapei Stadium this evening, Wednesday.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal in the 64th minute, and Alvaro Morata doubled the score with a second goal in the 95th minute.

The first attempt was made by Napoli, after a corner kick in the fifth minute was carried out inside the penalty area and was raised by defender Manolas, who hit a header over the crossbar of goalkeeper Chesney.

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Napoli missed the opportunity for the first goal in the 28th minute, after a neat cross from Diego Deem, and an excellent move by Luzano, who preceded Danilo, Juventus’s defender, to hit a powerful header from the six-meter boundary. He deflected Cesena brilliantly and kept it away from his own goal.

In a corner kick carried out inside the penalty area, Bentancur headed it and changed its direction after hitting Bakayoko to reach Ronaldo in front of the goal and score the first goal in the 64th minute.

The opportunity for the precious amendment to Napoli came after Mertens got a penalty kick, which was confirmed by video technology with a handicap from a Juventus player, so the referee calculated a penalty, but Insigne failed to score after he hit the kick next to Chesney’s right post in the 78th minute.

Juventus ended the match in the 95th minute, with a second goal, after a quick counterattack by the Juventus trio led by Cuadrado on only one player from Napoli’s side. Going to the title in the current season.