A robot with new talent from Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has posted on its YouTube channel a fresh video of the Spot robot’s talents that hit the market in 2020.

A small video shows robots equipped with a manipulator resembling a long neck with a small head at the end. Previously, Spot prototypes were equipped with similar manipulators, but serial robots have been produced without them.

The presence of a manipulator significantly expands the robot’s capabilities: now Spot can collect or move objects, turn on and off lights, press buttons, open doors, act as a gardener and even draw with chalk on the asphalt.

As a reminder, the robot, originally named SpotMini, was introduced in July 2016. It was created based on the previous Spot model and differed in more compact dimensions: its weight was only 25 kilograms, and the battery life was about one and a half hours.

In the fall of 2017, Boston Dynamics showed an updated version of the robot: it became even more compact and received decorative protective panels. In October 2018, Boston Dynamics taught a robot to dance.

In 2019, Boston Dynamics began limited Spot sales: robots were leased only on short-term leases under the “early adaptation” program. Boston Dynamics officially launched the Spot robot into the market last year. Companies can purchase it from different countries for $ 74.5 thousand.

Spot can move almost anywhere a person is. The company proposes to use it, among other things, for monitoring and collecting data for compiling three-dimensional maps.

In December last year, the South Korean company Hyundai announced Boston Dynamics’ purchase from the Japanese holding company SoftBank.

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