15 foods that make hair grow much faster

Long hair, has it been your hairstyle goal for a while? Here is the solution to quickly get it!

The salmon
The Salmon

Salmon is one of the most beneficial foods for stimulating hair growth. Thanks to the Omega 3 it contains, salmon helps strengthen the hair follicle. This will promote circulation in the scalp and thus stimulate hair growth. It is also effective in the fight against excessive hair loss and helps strengthen the hair mass. If the salmon is not to your liking, you can opt for other fatty fish with a similar result.

Yellow peppers
Yellow peppers

The yellow pepper will be a good ally to achieve stunning long hair. Be careful the color of the pepper is important. Why? A yellow pepper contains about 5 times more vitamin C than an orange. A figure that matters, since vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that will strengthen the scalp and limit hair loss. Finally, it helps maintain collagen levels, which helps to bring shine to the hair.

The chicken
The Chicken

Chicken is rich in protein, thanks to this it provides keratin, essential to protect and strengthen our hair. For all vegans, exit the chicken, you can opt for soy which will also have beneficial properties for your hair.

Sweet potatoes
sweet potatoes

Rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, sweet potato will have a beneficial effect on your hair’s health. Another advantage is that it will promote growth. Do not hesitate to also opt for the carrot which has similar effects. We advise you, for example, to drink carrot juice, which in addition to acting on your hair, will promote your tan this summer. A 2 in 1 tip. Not bad, right?

The almonds
the Almonds

We recommend that you add almonds to your food routine. Besides being good for you and being a healthy ideal snack, they will speed up your hair growth thanks to its biotin content. Another advantage: for people with fine hair, almonds will give your hair more substance and thickness. If you decide to eat it regularly you will see the first effects within a month or two. Simple and efficient, what more could you ask for?

Studies have shown that zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss and poor scalp health. By eating oysters, we avoid this risk and we provide the necessary nutrients to our hair. Rest assured, you don’t need to consume excessively to see results. Indeed, it seems that only 85 grams of oysters provide up to 5 times the recommended amount of zinc.

Olive oil
Unlike other ingredients, to benefit from olive oil’s beneficial effects, it is not necessary to consume it. You just need to apply it all over the hair. Its anti-inflammatory properties allow it to relax the scalp and to intensify its growth. Do not hesitate to massage the scalp with circular movements which will also be beneficial for growth. Be careful not to expose yourself to the sun while putting on this mask, otherwise, you risk burning your hair!


A mixture of omega 3 and biotin, eggs are excellent for hair growth. However, prefer yellow to white which will be richer and beneficial for your hair.


Avocados are perfect for the hair since they are naturally rich in essential fatty acids. They are just as effective as a mask on the hair since they will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the scalp.


Asparagus is an excellent source of iron which therefore promotes hair growth. If you are not a fan of this vegetable, you can also go for spinach which also has a very high iron content.


Yogurts or dairy products, as a rule, are excellent sources of calcium, which is an asset for hair growth. These products are affluent in vitamin D, which stimulates the follicle and, therefore, affects hair growth.

Dark chocolate
Dark Chocolate

If we had been told that we acted positively on our hair leather by eating dark chocolate, we would have eaten more often. Indeed, the latter is rich in iron which promotes the growth of our hair. It would also prevent gray hair thanks to its melanin content, the pigment responsible for your hair color.


Protein is beneficial for hair growth. If you’re a vegetarian and looking for a good protein intake, go for lentils. They are composed of B vitamins and zinc, which help grow hair, make it shiny and prevent loss.

Sunflower seeds
Sunflower Seeds

How about a small handful of sunflower seeds for your afternoon snack? In addition to being a balanced case, sunflower seeds will provide your body with a good dose of vitamin E. Thanks to this, the blood circulation of the scalp will be promoted which will facilitate hair growth.


If you eat bananas regularly, you will see significant effects on your hair growth. They have potassium which promotes the formation of keratin which stimulates hair growth. It is also rich in vitamins and antioxidant substances which accelerate hair growth. Also of note, banana masks are perfect for dry hair.

First numbers! Know that the speed of hair growth depends on the “genetic program” of each individual. Thus, for a Caucasian type, the hair grows on average 1 cm/month, for an African type of 0.8 cm/month, and for an Asian type, 1.5 cm/month. Then, in concrete terms, if there is no “yet” miracle product promoting spectacular growth, there is a way to obtain good results with a simple maintenance methodology.

What are the foods that encourage hair growth?
For long and healthy hair, it is indeed essential not to neglect the care. Shampoo, conditioner, and mask are essential for a healthy hair fiber. And for that no need to spend money on industrial products, you can concoct a homemade mask based on avocado, egg, oil, or even lemon. The choice of ingredients will depend on the nature of your hair. But if you want to give a good boost and gain length quickly, you can also bet on a diet whose ingredients are full of vitamins and nutrients to promote growth and encourage healthy hair. Find out which ones in our slideshow!