Samsung Galaxy S21…The Features, disadvantages and specifications

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One wonders, upon opening the packaging of the new luxury Samsung Galaxy S21, is that all? Because there is no charger or headphones.

The luxury phone comes in just a flat cardboard package, and the South Korean company has followed the same path that Apple has drawn for itself and no longer provides chargers or headphones with its new mobile devices.

Like the Galaxy S10 and S20 models, the new Samsung phone comes in 3 models: the Galaxy S21, S21+, and Ultra S21. These models are similar in size and battery capacity to some extent and feature more spacious camera equipment and rounded edges of the screen.

Elegant design

The elegant design is the most striking element of the new smartphone, as there is a durable aluminum frame surrounding the Galaxy S21 and Ultra S21.

The South Korean company installed the camera lenses and sensors in a solid piece of metal, which adds luxury to the smartphone, in addition to the elegant appearance of the back made of plasticine (S21) and glass in the models S21+ and Ultra S21, so the fingerprints are barely visible. Also, new smartphones are easy to clean.

Latest processor

The new models are based on the latest Samsung processor, Exynos-2100, which is characterized by fast operation and energy saving compared to competing or previous models and the memory of UFS-3.1 (UFS-3.1) 128 or 256 capacity. GB and energy-saving and the maximum memory capacity are 512 GB in the Ultra S21 model. The user must consider the memory required size because the new Samsung phone lacks slots to install an external memory card.

The screen refresh rate of the three models reaches 120 Hz. Since the user does not need to smooth the scrolling of the images, it is possible to reduce the rate of activation of the image as desired, starting from 48 to 120 Hz, and thus the screens consume less battery charge.

Long-lasting battery

The fingerprint sensor comes in a larger screen and works much faster. The Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone’s battery life extends for a long time thanks to energy-saving memory and smart programs. The battery charge suffices for all purposes of use throughout the day, and the battery lasts on the S21+ and Ultra S21 Longer than the smaller S21.

Version 3.1 of the user interface, “One UI”, which is based on the Google Android operating system 11, is clear even if some functions do not appear in their usual positions. The operating system of Samsung devices usually offers suggestions in the menus such as “Is Looking for this here? ”

There are some new jobs; For example, the user can choose between the newsgathering service Google Discover and Samsung Free and provide the blue light filter with new functions to read screen texts more comfortably while facilitating the process of synchronizing data between Samsung devices.

In terms of cameras, there has been no change compared to previous models, but it seems that the South Korean company has improved the program, as the images appear well in normal conditions and very clear, and the colors appear bright and attractive.

The main sensor on the Ultra S21 model works with a resolution of 108 megapixels. This sensor collects several pixels in one pixel, which results in better light output in the dark and the presence of two 3x and 10x telephoto lenses to meet the needs of the user, who needs a large degree of zoom.

K8 video

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 phones feature 8K video recording (7680 x 4280 pixels), have image stabilization, and handle very dynamic scenes.

Thanks to the high resolution and image stabilization, it is possible to obtain very stable and clear images from the video clips, and the camera application on Samsung devices includes a lot of settings that are available as paid services in the applications of other companies.

In addition to the “Pro” mode, Samsung has developed “the Single Shot” mode; Where the scene can be recorded with all cameras simultaneously, and then the user gets a still image, video clip, and slightly different perspectives. Director’s View enables a simultaneous vision of all cameras, and the user can select the required lens with the press of a finger.

Specifications models galaxy s21 series

Specifications models galaxy s21 series