Zidane angry and He lost his cool at a tense press conference

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Zinedine Zidane, the coach of Real Madrid, the Spanish Football League holder, launched a strong attack on the team’s critics on Friday, asking them to respect him and his players while insisting that the team remain in the competition for the title.

The defending champions are 10 points behind leaders Atlético Madrid, but the latter played a game less.

At a tense press conference, the Real Madrid coach lost his usual cool, said it was too early to exclude his team from the competition, and called for respect for his team, which is defending its title.

“What makes me laugh is the question about whether I’m upset (about questions about his future) … I don’t deserve this treatment from the press. We won the title last season, and I hope to have some respect,” he said before facing bottom-of-the-table Huesca.

“We have the right to compete for the title this season; at least we got that by winning last season. Next season, some changes will be needed, but this year we are defending a title we won last season, and we are fighting to keep it this year as well, not that 10 years ago. Last season. ”

“Just show us some respect for what we have achieved. You (the press) talk a lot. Why don’t you tell me directly that you want me outside the club, not behind my back,” the French coach added.

Zidan spoke in his first meeting with the media since his return from a period of isolation after he was infected with the Coronavirus.

“I was locked in a cage for two weeks. I can’t wait to get out and prove that I will fight until the end,” he added.

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