Kane and Son double halted Tottenham defeats

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Tottenham Hotspur managed to stop the bleeding of successive defeats, after defeating the obscure West Bromwich league by 2-0, on Sunday at Tottenham Hotspur, within the matches of the 23rd round of the Premier League.

The first attempt in the game for Tottenham came in the tenth minute, with a shot from Son Heung-min from outside the penalty area, which goalkeeper Johnston easily caught.

In another attempt, Lamela fired a curved blow from the box’s edge, and she went over the bar.

Tottenham almost opened the scoring in the 15th minute, with a powerful shot from Harry Kane from inside the penalty area, which passed near the post.

The Spurs continued to miss scoring opportunities after Kane was alone with goalkeeper Johnston in the 18th minute, hitting a ball that passed by centimeters near the post.

Calm returned to the match from the 20th minute until the 37th minute, when Harry Kane hit a powerful ball from inside the penalty area, and West Brom’s goalkeeper sent it away to a corner kick.

Aurier pursued a cross from a corner kick in the 41st minute, striking a header that sparkled Johnston’s save.

In the appearance of a rare attacking West Bromwich in the 44th minute, Dejani raised a cross, striking a header from inside the penalty area, which was saved by goalkeeper Loris with difficulty, to end the first half with a goalless draw.

Tottenham started the second half with a different tactic, as he showed his attacking strength in the 46th minute when Kane passed a wonderful ball to Sun, who was alone with goalkeeper Johnston, hitting the ball, the latter starring in the response.

The Spurs’ offensive operations continued until the 54th minute after Huyberg passed a special ball to Harry Kane into the penalty area, who was alone with goalkeeper Johnston and hit a ball that landed in the net.

Just 4 minutes after the first goal, Tottenham added the second goal in the 58th minute, from a quick counterattack led by Mora, passing the ball to Son inside the penalty area, who fired a powerful ball into the net, Johnston, who failed to stop.

West Brom tried to return to the match in the 60th minute, with a header from Dejani entering the net, before the goal was canceled for offside.

Mourinho made two substitutions, during which he played Doherty at the expense of Aurier due to injury, and Bergoyen replaced Lamela in the 74th minute.

West Brom appeared in the 80th minute after Yokushlo watched a cross from Phillips and hit it with his head that went past the post.

In the 83rd minute, Dijani returned and scored another goal, and was canceled again for offside, and the match ended after a 2-0 victory by Tottenham.

With this victory, Tottenham raised its score to 36 points, to rise to seventh place, while West Brom’s balance stopped at 12 points in 19th place.

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