Mistakes that worsen the emergency pimples problem

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When pimples appear on the skin, many of us still resort to getting rid of them by pressing them between the fingers, applying a few drops of tea tree essential oil to them, or covering them with toothpaste overnight. But these remedies are not the only wrong ones that we adopt in this field, there are more of them that we invite you to learn about below.

Touching pimples.

Skincare experts confirm that touching red or white pimples with the fingers increases their inflammation and the risk of scarring the skin after it subsides. This may also lead to the spread of inflammation from one sebaceous gland to another, causing other pimples to appear.

Apply essential oils:

Essential oils have many benefits, but applying them to pimples is not an appropriate idea, as they can cause sensitivity in the area that is already affected by pimples. Exposure to the sun after applying essential oils to pimples can be harmful in turn and leave dark spots on the skin.

Putting toothpaste on pimples:

The toothpaste has drying properties, but this does not justify its use to treat pimples, as it can lead to irritation and sensitivity to the skin as a result of it contains preservatives, colorings, and perfumes.

Peeling skin:

Some believe that the granules in peeling products can remove impurities from the surface of the skin, including emergency pimples. But rubbing the scrub on the skin also means rubbing the pimples, which increases the possibility of inflammation. In this case, dermatologists recommend the use of exfoliating cosmetic masks that have a soft effect on the skin and contribute to removing the surface layer of pimples without being harsh on them.

When the blisters reappear:

Many of us suffer from periodic pimples appearing in the same area of ​​the face. And we are talking here about a type of acne that appears in adults and a woman in two can suffer from it between the ages of 25 and 40. This type of pimple usually appears on the lower areas of the face, such as the chin and jaws, as well as the upper neck.

These pimples reappear in the same places as a result of re-inflammation in these areas due to bacteria, sweating, adopting an unbalanced diet, or hormonal disorders.

Prevention is very effective in preventing pimples. It is related to avoiding smoking and consuming processed foods, in addition to adopting healthy skincare methods, especially in light of the constant exposure to pollution and stress in our daily life.

One of the basic steps to prevent these pimples is the use of lotions to cleanse the skin. Anti-acne treatments are used under medical supervision, and cosmetic masks made of green clay or charcoal help deep clean the pores of the skin. As for the use of make-up, specifically, products that conceal blemishes and pimples, it does not have any negative impact on the pimples or on the stages of their healing.

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