European Championships full results for 13/02/2020

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Here are the full results of the various matches of the day 13/02/2020 in the major European championships

Leicester overthrow Liverpool in 7 minutes

Leicester City vs Liverpool

Defending champion Liverpool suffered their third consecutive defeat in the Premier League, losing to Leicester City 1 – 3 on Saturday in the 24 stage of the competition.

Leicester City raised its score to 46 points to clinch second place, four points behind leaders Manchester City and one point against Manchester United, while Liverpool stuck at 40 points in fourth place. Liverpool opened the scoring with a goal scored by Egyptian star Mohamed Salah in the 67th minute, and the player raised his tally to 17 goals in the league’s top scorer list.

Then Leicester City turned the game in its favor and settled it with three goals scored by James Madison, Jimmy Vardy and Harvey Barnes in the 80th, 81st and 85th minutes. The defeat came in today’s match to double the ordeal of Liverpool, who lost their last two league matches to Brighton 1 – 4 and Manchester City 1 – 4. And Leicester City avenged this by his defeat by Liverpool, 0-3, last November in the ninth stage of the league. The match began with an offensive activity on the part of Liverpool, who pressed hard through Sadio Mane’s moves, which prompted Leicester City to tighten defensive control to prevent his passes from reaching Egyptian star Mohamed Salah.

James Madison almost surprised Liverpool in the second minute of the match when Liverpool goalkeeper Alison Baker left his own goal, as Madison fired a powerful ball from midfield towards the goal, but Alison fell at the right moment and grabbed the ball. And Mohamed Salah received longitudinal in the tenth minute and brilliantly set off into the penalty area, trying to prepare the ball for shooting, but he was unable under the defensive chase and the ball passed next to the post. Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp made an emergency substitution in the 17th minute, where he included Thiago Alcantara, replacing James Milner, who suffered an injury.

A valuable opportunity was missed on Liverpool in the 20th minute, as Trent Alexander-Arnold went off and passed long to Salah, who brilliantly penetrated into the penalty area and crossed towards Mane, but Daniel Amarty, Leicester’s defender, intervened at the right moment and knocked the ball away to deny Mane the score. And Casper Schmeichel, Leicester City goalkeeper, saved his goal in the 27th minute, when he brilliantly saved a dangerous ball by Roberto Firmino after an attack involving Thiago and Sadio Mane. Leicester City continued its serious offensive attempts, especially through the counter-attacks, but Liverpool achieved a balance between the defensive and offensive sides and succeeded greatly in countering the danger of Jimmy Vardy and Madison as well as Harvey Barnes.

Alison Baker saved Liverpool in the 36th minute, when Harvey Paris sent a cross, which Jamie Vardy met with a header, but Alison grabbed the ball firmly. In the 42nd minute, Jimmy Vardy was badly lucky, as he fired a powerful ball, but the crossbar turned on the goalkeeper to stop it. Leicester began the second half with intense attacking pressure, but Liverpool focused more on the defensive side in the first minutes. Liverpool almost took the lead in the 57th minute through Alexander Arnold, who hit a dangerous ball from a free kick that hit his head, Wilfred Ndidi, to deceive the goalkeeper, but it collided in the crossbar to miss another valuable opportunity for Liverpool. Liverpool finally succeeded in shaking the net of Leicester City with a charming goal by Mohamed Salah, as Alexander Arnold hit a powerful ball that was blocked by the defense, then it reached Firmino, who directed it with a skillful touch to unmarked Mohamed Salah to brilliantly aim at the net announcing Liverpool’s 1-0 lead.

In the 72nd minute, Alison Baker countered firmly with a dangerous ball that Madison hit from a free kick. And the game stopped in the 76th minute after Barnes was blocked by Alcantara at the boundaries of the penalty area, where the referee resorted to the video assistant referee system to ascertain whether the obstruction was from outside the boundaries of the penalty area or from within it, and then indicated that it counted a free kick. Madison hit a strong ball from the free kick in the 78th minute and found its way into the net, and the referee resorted to the “VAR” system to check whether the ball hit the foot of my emirate before it landed in the net while he was in an offside position, and then indicated that the player did not infiltrate and the goal was counted for Madison Leicester City drew 1-1. In the 81st minute, goalkeeper Alison Baker made a fatal mistake upon leaving the goal and the defense made a mistake in dispersing it. Jimmy Fardy extracted the ball and then went off and landed it in the net announcing Leicester City 2-1 advance. Allison responded with a dangerous ball in The 84th minute, then it collided with the post before the defense was dispersed.

City continue to lead with a hat-trick against Tottenham Hotspur

Manchester City vs Tottenham

The Manchester City team strengthened its lead in the English Premier League, after it defeated Tottenham 3-0 on Saturday in the twenty-fourth stage of the League, which saw Liverpool lose 1-3 to Leicester City and Burnley beat Crystal Palace 3-0.

Manchester City goals were scored by Rodrigo Hernandez in the 22nd minute from a penalty kick and Ilkay Gundogan (two goals) in the 50 and 66 minutes. Manchester City raised its score to 53 points at the top of the standings, seven points ahead of Leicester City’s closest stalkers, and Tottenham’s score stopped at 36 points in eighth place.

Goal of Insini gives Napoli Juventus points match

Napoli vs Juventus

The Napoli team advanced to fourth place in the Italian league table, thanks to its 1-0 win over Juventus, the title holder, on Saturday in the twenty-second phase of the competition.

A goalless draw overshadowed the Turin match with its guest, Genoa. And at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, Lorenzo Insigne scored the winning goal for Napoli from a penalty kick in the 31st minute.

The victory raised Napoli to 40 points in fourth place, two points behind third-placed Juventus.

On the other hand, Genoa raised its score to 25 points in eleventh place, compared to 17 points for Turin in seventeenth place.

Genova won six wins and seven draws against nine defeats, while Turin achieved two wins, compared to 11 draws and nine defeats.


Haaland saves Dortmund from a new defeat in a difficult match.

Borussia Dortmund escaped defeat at home to Hoffenheim, and drew with difficulty 2-2, after a match full of warnings on Saturday in the 21st round of the German Football League.

And at Signal Iduna Park, Jadon Sancho led to Dortmund in the 24th minute, but Hoffenheim responded with two goals through Moisse Dabour and Ilas Bebo in the 31st and 51st minutes.

09 minutes before the end, the Norwegian sniper Erling Haaland scored the equalizer for Dortmund, when Hoffenheim defender Stefan Bosch went towards him and clashed with him with hands, so Haaland’s teammates intervened to defend their teammate in a non-sports scene.

This reflected the nervousness that dominated the players, prompting the referee to take out the yellow card 9 times, including 7 warnings for Hoffenheim players, whose performance was violent with Dortmund players who received only two warnings.

The funny thing is that the referee did not put out any card despite the heated quarrel, and the exchange of payment without a ball between the Dortmund players and the attacking Hoffenheim defender first.

By winning one game in the last 6 confrontations, Dortmund remained in sixth place with 33 points, 3 points behind Bayer Leverkusen (fourth), who drew 2-2 at home to Mainz.

In contrast, Hoffenheim increased to 23 points in 12th place.

Messi leads Barcelona to overwhelm Alaves and chase Suarez

Barcelona vs Alaves

Lionel Messi scored two great goals to lead Barcelona to a 5-1 victory over Alaves in the 23rd round of the Spanish Football League, days before the match against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League.

Portuguese Francisco Trenco took Barcelona a goal after a pass back by 18-year-old midfielder Elash Moriba in his first appearance.

Messi scored after that with a shot from outside the penalty area hit the post and entered the next post in a wonderful way.

Luis Rioja, the Alaves player, took advantage of a mistake by young Elash and reduced the difference in the second half, but Barcelona rose up and scored through Trinkau, and another long-range shot from Messi, then Messi passed an amazing ball to Antoine Griezmann and reached Junior Verbo to score easily.

In addition to his two goals, the referee canceled a third goal Messi scored in the 36th minute for offside after reviewing the attack through the video assistant referee.

Messi raised his tally to 15 goals to be one goal away from leading scorer Luis Suarez and chase him for his favorite title.

Barcelona raised its score to 46 points in second place behind leaders Atlético Madrid (54 points), and with a goal difference in front of Real Madrid, and Alaves’ score stopped at 22 points in 16th place.

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