You have curly hair … Beware of these mistakes

Curly hair care (Pixabay)

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Curly hair care requires great attention in order to maintain its health and vitality, in addition to avoiding some of the common mistakes that we usually make without realizing that they harm their waves.

Moisture is an essential step in the field of curly hair care, and experts distinguish between several types of curly hair, each of which requires a specific percentage of moisture. They stress the need to determine the hair’s need for moisture before choosing the appropriate products to care for it. Therefore, it is advisable to consult experts in the field of hairdressing to determine the type of curly hair and the appropriate products to care for it.

Curly hair requires both day and evening care, and it needs to adopt a comfortable hairstyle during the night to prevent this type of hair from getting tangled and sleeping on a satin pillow helps reduce the split ends and breakage of this hair. During the day, it is recommended to use styling tools that suit curly hair, in addition to a moisturizing spray that helps protect it from drying out.

Common Mistakes Hurting Curly Hair:

Some common mistakes can seriously damage curly hair:


1- Using a traditional towel: it is tough on curly hair, especially when it is wet, which causes it to break and split ends. It is recommended to replace them with towels made of “microfibre” that absorb moisture quickly and without causing any harm to the hair.

2- Brushing it with the brush: it is not the appropriate tool for combing curly hair, and the preference here remains to use the wide-toothed comb, which allows the hair to be rid of and detangled without causing its breakage.

3- Using heat to dry it: avoiding strong heat is necessary when using an electric hair dryer on curly hair. It is recommended to put the dryer on medium heat and use the wide air diffuser, which contributes to drying out curly hair without causing it to dry out or tangle.

4- Neglecting moisture: Regularly moisturizing frizzy hair helps to preserve its vitality and curls. However, this depends on choosing the right moisturizing product for its type and rate of dryness.

5- Rinse hair with hot water: The feeling of hot water may be very pleasant when washing the hair, but its effect is harmful, as it causes the hair to weaken and dry out. The alternative is to finish the hair bath by rinsing it with lukewarm water or even cold if possible, which helps to close the strands that are opened by the heat of hot water.

6- Not to take care of hair every morning: Constant care is the secret to maintaining beautiful, vibrant curls, so it is recommended to spray the hair with a mixture of water and aloe vera gel before styling it every morning.

7- Neglecting night protection: Leaving curly hair free during sleep leads to tangles and difficulty styling it the next morning. Therefore, it is best to tie it at night in a loose, low ponytail to reduce tangles.

8- Neglecting periodic care: Curly hair is usually thick and thick, but this does not mean that it does not need continuous care through products that meet its needs in the field of nutrition, moisturizing, and styling.

9- Styling the hair while it is dry: combing curly hair must be done while it is wet, after showering or after spraying it with a mixture of water and aloe vera gel, in order to protect it from breakage. As for styling it dry, the curls lose their vitality.