Policeman suspended for kissing a woman in the street who violated curfew

A policeman approached a woman walking alone on the street in the Peruvian capital as a curfew imposed by the authorities prevents anyone from leaving her home. Yet, as you can see in the video, instead of sanctioning her… he kissed her! A gesture that will earn him a sanction.

Policeman crosses paths with a woman who violates curfew.

During the night, a police officer crossed paths with a young woman who was walking through Lima’s streets. A few months ago, a commonplace act now became prohibited due to the curfew imposed on the population as part of the measures put in place to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

The policeman, who did not know the witness, filmed him out his ticket book to impose a fine on the young woman. We see her trying to seduce the police officer to dissuade him from sanctioning him on the images filmed by this witness.

The policeman lets himself be seduced and kisses him

After a few seconds of hesitation, as she stood really very close to him, the policeman kissed the young woman. The video was then shown on television, which caused controversy, forcing the mayor of the locality to temporarily suspend the police officer. The deputy mayor in charge of security, points to several abnormal behaviors: “The young woman does not respect social distancing and allows him to. Then he takes off his mask to kiss her. This act in itself is very serious. That’s why he was suspended ”.

Let us recall that Peru deplores the death of 44,000 people with covid-19 for a total population of 31 million inhabitants. The country is also experiencing a scandal called VacunaGate, which concerns politicians, including the former president, who is said to have been vaccinated before the authorization to launch the vaccination campaign.

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