Kane condemns Salah in the loss of Liverpool

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Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane criticized Liverpool star Mohamed Salah after the Reds’ defeat, Sunday, 0-1, by Fulham, in the 27th round of the Premier League.

The loss added to the pain of Liverpool, who suffered a sixth consecutive defeat at Anfield, to tighten their position in the competition for a qualifying position for the Champions League next season.

Kane pointed to Salah’s mistake in Fulham’s only goal, as the Egyptian star failed to disperse a rebound ball from Robertson’s head, so Fulham’s Mario Lemina picked it up, to score from a shot sent towards the far post of Liverpool’s goal.

Analyzing the match on Sky Sports, Kane said: “It is a beautiful artistic move, but it is shocking when it comes to Liverpool.”

He explained, “A beautiful artistic move from Lamina, regarding the way he reached the ball. They deserve the goal.”

He added: “It was not a great pass. I think Robertson should have done a better job. Salah must be stronger. He cannot lose the ball in this position.”

Roy Kane continued: “Salah was not good enough, not strong as he was before, there is not enough desire, but Robertson has to do better as well, his head must be better than that.”

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