A big problem affecting millions of Windows 10 users

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Operating system updates are usually supposed to solve pre-existing issues or fill in security gaps, but for the update to be the cause of the problem it’s another unusual thing, which Microsoft seems to be facing in recent months with some updates it offers for Windows 10, and is now facing a new problem with the latest update for this system.

According to the website of the American magazine “PC Mag”, the problem of the sharp increase in the use of the computer processor caused by the new update of Microsoft “KB4512941” seems to be just the beginning, after reports that the update day causes “everything to be turned orange” or red.

While some users found that only the images on the screen turned orange, others reported that the entire desktop had turned red.

“When I start Windows, the login screen looks attractive, but when I put in my password and the desktop appears, it starts to turn red,” says one of the people affected. “The only thing that stays in the right color is the mouse.”

This can cause a big problem for everyone from graphic designers, who need a screen with finely matched colors, to those who just want to edit their summer vacation photos.

 Is there any solution to this problem at this time?

Users expect that Microsoft offers a cure for this problem, which should take days to the problem of high performance of the processor, which requires a solution for several days, but in the silence of the company, some users were able to work around this issue.

Some solved the problem by simply uninstalling the update, while others solved it by updating their graphics card drivers.

The Windows Latest website indicates that Windows computer owners seem to be specifically affected by this problem if they run the “Vantage” company application next to the May 10 update for Microsoft that Microsoft has pushed into User devices since last July, in which case the re-adjustment or removal of the application can help the solution.

Although the actual number of users is unknown, Lenovo, the world’s largest PC provider, delivered 16.2 million computers in the second quarter of this year, with Vantage already installed.

In the meantime, it is recommended that users avoid installing KB4512941, which still appears to anyone looking for an update for Windows 10.

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