Video: A camel breaks into a hospital in Egypt

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A video clip spread on social media in Egypt for a moment when a camel stormed the corridors of Osem Hospital in the Giza Governorate while hospital staff was trying to get him out.

The video clip shows a huge

camel entering the hospital’s

the main gate and then wandering inside its corridors, amid the ridicule of several employees about the situation, while others are filming it on phones.

Activists circulated the video sarcastically on social media, and one of them tweeted, “But my son, dialogue of cats in hospitals is a need. We have evolved, and we still have

camels wandering around in hospitals.

Another added, “But only the ungrateful person denies the tangible boom in the medical field, to the point that animals are being admitted to hospitals.”

While a tweet said, “It is normal, people … The Osem area is a tourist area, and it has much beauty, and of course the government hospital does not have a” doorman “who says to the camel” Leave! ”

In an official comment about the incident, it was reported by Egyptian websites. Giza’s governorate stated that one of the people of the region used to lead the camel to the “slaughterhouse” (the place where the camel would be slaughtered), but the camel managed to escape and then entered the hospital.

For his part, the director of Osem Hospital, Dr. Reda Walid, said that the nurse who filmed the video clip and all security company employees responsible for insuring the hospital were punished.

He said, “It is not appropriate for the workers to stand to photograph the disaster of a camel storming the hospital, as this animal could have run over someone with its feet to death.”

The hospital director decided to punish the nurse who filmed the video with a 3-day deduction from her salary. He pointed out that he had received a call from the Giza health agent to transfer her from her job “because she is not an example and has not done well.”