A closer look at the new Apple iPad Pro

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Last month, Apple announced its latest release of the new Apple iPad Pro tablet computer.

The device has the same advantages as the new Mac devices; With regard to the main processor, at least, the American company provided the tablet with the new “M1” processor, which is also available in “Apple Mac Mini”, “MacBook Air” and “MacBook Pro”, in addition to The new iMac 24 inch model.

However, Apple is still reluctant to offer the professional version of the iPad tablet with macOS, which is technically feasible; But practical tests showed that the Mac OS operating system will not be the best choice for the new iPad tablet computer, as the results showed that the “iPad OS” operating system, which is based on the iPhone smartphone operating system, is considered the best choice for the tablet computer, which is used Primarily by finger or stylus input, not by mouse or trackpad.

Interface for connecting to external devices

The boundary between the tablet and the laptop disappears at some point, which is the interface for communication with external devices; In the previous model, the USB-C port transferred more data than the MacBook Pro, and the new iPad Pro allows photographers and video recording enthusiasts to transfer large amounts of data through the “Thunderbolt” interface with a USB-C port.

If the photographer wants to view photos and videos on the iPad Pro tablet, they will appear much clearer than on a MacBook Air or laptops equipped with the Microsoft Windows operating system, especially on the model with a 12.9-inch screen; The ultra-bright screen works with an image refresh rate of 120Hz with HDR support, and superior black values ​​with a high contrast ratio.

Apple has been able to achieve this with the backlighting, which consists of more than 10,000 Mini-LED bulbs, which can be turned on individually, and the Liquid Retina XDR display works With brightness up to a thousand nits, the Deluxe model reaches a maximum of 1600 nits with support for HDR content.

Of course, the smaller model with an 11-inch screen cannot reach these values, and is satisfied with the Liquid Retina display with P3 color gamut and True Tone function, and also does not reach the maximum contrast ratio values ​​of the model. Luxurious, the maximum brightness is only 600 nits.

The efficiency of the new M1 processor is fully visible when running Adobe Lightroom, where the user can edit images in RAW format very quickly, in addition to the absence of any restrictions when editing video with the program. Lumafusion, for example. However, Final Cut Pro, which is very popular with fans of movies and YouTube clips, is not available; Because it is currently limited to Mac devices only.

Office tasks

The new iPad Pro tablet isn’t just for creators; But it has a strong personality in the office. In addition to the computing power of the M1 processor, the advanced 12-megapixel camera can track people during video calls, and adjust the clip accordingly, and Apple calls this function “Center Stage”.

When you want to perform office tasks with the new iPad Pro tablet, the user needs a Magic Keyboard.

When you want to perform office tasks on the go with the new iPad Pro, the new tablet can be ordered from Apple with “5G” technology, and even in the absence of the 4G technology for mobile telephony, the user will benefit from support for up to 32 Wide range of LTE technology, which can be used to take advantage of higher speeds, and the new Apple device supports Wi-Fi 6, with a maximum speed of 1.2 gigabits per second.


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