A coach at the Heerenveen Academy reveals the first steps Hakim Ziyech into the world of football

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Dutchman Geoffrey Talan revealed the first steps of the international Hakim Ziyech in the world of football, and talked about the four years he spent with the Dutch academy of Heerenveen, and how he overcome all obstacles, from September 2003 until 2008.
He said: “I met Ziyech for the first time, when he just returned from Morocco, at the age of 13, and that coincided with my beginning as a coach, he was a shy boy, he succeeded in gaining his place in the group, and it was clear that he had a football talent, as it did not take long in Merging with the team. ”
And the Dutch added Talan, saying: “I supervised four-year coaching, and the truth is that we didn’t have much in particular to do in terms of social relationships, we just had to let him live his life, like any boy of his age, and the idea was to enjoy during Training and to develop his performance of course ».
The same spokesman, Fawzi, Ziyech’s brother, confirmed that he was taking care of him, and that he played a major role, in his participation in the training, after having been accompanying him throughout the years of training and matches, before the player moved at the age of fifteen to the academy, and was sponsored by a host family .
As for the development of his performance, the Ziyech coach at the Heerenveen Academy confirmed that the player, despite his young age, remained fast-learning, adding: “I would like to say that it was necessary to prove to him that you believe in him, and to transfer confidence to him, as we have learned to take information Faster so that he could find solutions to himself during the matches, especially since he did not have a strong physical structure, which helped him to strengthen his passes.
The spokesman added that Ziyech had an exceptional left-wing man and that he had improved it, thanks to his perseverance in work, evoking in the same context that the director of the academy was joking with Hakim, saying that he would not be able to make the team win the competition, and that the boy took his words with a bearing Grandpa, and made his team win, after he gained confidence in himself, and that everyone, was hoping that the player will quickly reach the first team.