A drink that helps you sleep longer!

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Many suffer from difficulty sleeping, even after a long and hard working day, and these experts advise drinking a drink that helps them fall asleep quickly and for a long time, and saves them from the issue of sudden awakening to relieve themselves.

According to womensworld, drinking salty sea water is a medical treatment to get better sleep.

The site said that this drink saves one from having to get up late at night or early dawn hours to go to the toilet.

In explaining the matter, the site says that sea water contains a substance called electrolytes, which are responsible for the fluid balance in your body.

Unprocessed sea salt helps in reaching all the cells of our body, and avoids any fluid build-up in the body, which leads to inappropriate awakenings at night.

The most important thing here is the amount of water, and experts here advise eating a limited amount of it, as its effect extends for a long time.

It is preferable to drink an 8-ounce glass of sea water, 30 minutes before bedtime, but the American Medical Association says that women over 50 should eat less of it, because salt intake at their age should generally be lower.

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