A frenzied race between scientists around the world to discover a vaccine against the Coronavirus

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Russia has announced that it has begun testing a vaccine against the Coronavirus, in the hope that it will be released after about six months, in parallel with promising initial results of trying an antiviral drug in the United States, while a German company said it will start trying a new drug soon.
The Federal Authority for Consumer Rights Monitoring in Russia said on Friday that Russian scientists have begun testing prototypes for possible vaccines for the Coronavirus on animals in a laboratory in Siberia, adding that scientists expect to start launching a vaccine in the last three months of 2020.
Russia’s Victor Center for Virology and Biotechnology stated that it has developed vaccine models based on six different technological concepts, and they began testing on Monday.
As for the director of the Russian Influenza Research Institute of the Russian Ministry of Health, Dmitry Liuznov, he said yesterday that the production of a vaccine for the Coronavirus may take from one and a half to 3 years, explaining that the fastest process in this series is the idea of ​​preparing the vaccine, and then begins a long process of studies on the clinical cases of animals Then the actual research will be on healthy volunteers.
For America and Germany
For its part, the American channel NBC reported that an experimental treatment for Coronavirus using an anti-viral drug showed clear signs of improvement for at least two patients in the United States within 24 hours.
The channel added that the experimental treatment that was previously used to treat infected people in Wuhan, China, is believed to prevent the Covid-19 from multiplying inside the body.
And medical sources in the United States confirmed that the drug, produced by an American company, has officially entered the stage of clinical trials for about one thousand patients in the country, and the results will appear by the end of next April.
On the other hand, the drug manufacturer announced that up to this point it has not been proven safe to treat coronavirus, and has not issued approval from any party for its use as a treatment, as the company confirmed that it supports five clinical trials around the world to study the safety and effectiveness of the drug.
This comes after the announcement by German company Korvac for the pharmaceutical industry that it has made significant progress in developing an anti-virus vaccine, as it stated that it will soon start the pre-clinical testing phase and experiment with the animal vaccine, and that it will begin its summer experiment in humans.
Additional experiments are underway on other drugs, including a malaria medicine and a drug group to treat HIV, that have been tested in a number of people infected with HIV in several countries.
Source: Agencies