A German doctor warns players of “It cannot be corrected” damages due to Coronavirus

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German sports doctor Wilhelm Bloch Thursday warned his country’s footballers of the risk of “It cannot be corrected” lung damage, which could end their careers, due to the emerging Coronavirus.

Bloch’s warnings come two days before the resumption of domestic league competitions, amid stringent health measures, including the holding of matches behind closed doors.

Bloch, a professor at the German Sports University in Cologne, said in a telephone interview with AFP that he feared that infection with the “Covid-19” virus could end the player’s career. “There is a risk that athletes will lose their level and not regain it again,” he said.

On May 16, the Bundesliga will become the first major football tournament in Europe and the world to resume its activities in light of the “Covid-19” pandemic, which led to the almost complete suspension of various sporting events since last March.

Bloch noted that the risks for professional athletes are low, due to the physical structure, immune system, and cardiovascular system. “However, we do not know at this time whether minor infections or even mild symptoms, do not cause harm, such as minor scratches in the lungs after they have been infected.”

“This damage may not be corrected, or it may continue for a very long time before the body repairs it … players have already been injured in Europe and we will soon know if they have recovered their full potential.”

Bloch noted that there are risks during the games, “They will all be examined, but not all Coronavirus tests work perfectly. There is a relatively large margin of error.”

And a sports medicine specialist considered that there is another concern that is due to the injuries that the players may have, due to their lack of physical fitness for the matches due to the suspension of the league more than two months ago.

“It is clear that the players are not optimally prepared, as the teams only resumed group training last week. Depending on the degree of preparation, the risk of injury increases,” he said.

“We will see musculoskeletal and tendon injuries,” he said, noting that this cannot be compared to the beginning of the season.

Bloch noted that “at the beginning of the season they (the players) usually have an intensive training period, then a short break so that the body can regenerate, and then the season begins.”

Bloch wondered how players could throw themselves up during docks after long weeks they were asked to be bound by social estrangement.

The Bundesliga whistle returns in five stadiums at the same time (13:30 GMT) next Saturday.

The twenty-sixth stage of the Bundesliga will bear the great title of “Derby Ror” between the two rivals Borussia Dortmund (second-place) and Schalke (sixth), while Bayern Munich (leader with 55 points) will be a guest of Onion Berlin (eleventh) in the capital Sunday.

The German Bundesliga “DFL”, which supervises the first and second degrees, has made it clear that no plan can be “100 percent safe”, but the guidelines aim to create a playing environment with low “health risks”.